Sunday, March 5, 2023

Week In Review (WIR)

It seems like I am being pulled in a lot of directions, so I am going to put together a week in review on a regular basis.

Sunday 2/26 - Saturday 3/4

1200 yard swim, 8.74 indoor bike, 2 runs (1.25 miles treadmill and 1.47 miles outdoors), 5 strength sessions (2 strongman, arm blast, bench, overhead squats)

I had a grip session.

I ordered some Highlands Games implements and hope to keep doing some training there.

I got in an archery session.

I played some tennis.

I wrapped up the 3 week CrossFit Open.  Final placing is TBD.

I am organizing a USAWA lift at my house.  Tentatively March 25 0900.

I am starting to do some research on steel bending - More to come.

Coveted items list
Rogue Arnold 45# plates - $275 plus shipping
Cerberus Figure 8 Straps - Size Medium - $35.99
Cerberus Deadlift Socks - Black with red lettering - $15.99

I enjoyed watching the Arnold Strongwoman Classic, Strongman Classic and Record Breakers.

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