Friday, February 26, 2016

16.1 Walking Lunges-Bar Facing Burpees-Pull-ups

Friday, February 26, 2016

Coach Steve

5:30 PM at Old Pueblo CrossFit (6 of us)

Warm Up with foam roller while the WOD and standards were explained.  I judged Kirin who is probably around 10 years old while he hammered through 5 rounds like a champ.

Then it was my turn.


I went scaled and the workout was 25 foot walking lunges with 45# in the front rack position, 8 front facing burpees over bar, 25 foot walking lunges with 45# in the front rack position and 8 jumping chin over bar pull ups.

I considered going Rx, but could barely manage 1 walking lunge with 95# in the overhead position.

It was still brutal.  My hamstrings were lit up after the second round and despite good pacing, I felt my right calf start to going.  I was still jumping with two feet, but favoring my left leg.  I kept cranking it up, taking time to reset before and after burpees.  After 5 rounds, I had about 2 minutes left.  I got the walking lunges, 8 burpess and 10 feet of walking lunges back for a score of 145 scaled reps.

I cooled down with squat against wall and some foam roller work, but will definitely be hurting for a few days.

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