Saturday, July 29, 2023

AFA Push/Pull/Squat

I was looking forward to a "powerlifting" contest which ended up being much more of a friendly throw down.  There was a judge and a spotter, but the rules/commands were basically put together on the fly (no pause at chest, bounce at chest, butt in the air; depth was ok for everybody; nobody was hitching).  I tried to adhere to USAPL standards for my lifts.

Of the 8 people who were interested only 3 of us showed up.  Levi who typically runs these events, was not available so Gabe was the judge/spotter and another staff member was spotting as well.  We all chipped in to help load.

The order was Squat, Bench, Deadlift and only allowed for increasing weight attempts, but rather than an increasing bar, we each did our 1st attempts, then 2nds, then 3rds.  Not a big deal until you realize what a pain in the ass it is to go from 140 kilos to 225 kilos on a deadlift without a deadlift jack.  The other lifters included Diego (23 years old) and a beast and Gabby (31 years old) and very strong.  Both lift in commercial gym environments were calling there lifts in pounds and then the conversion and then deciding on how to load it was pretty entertaining.  I was putting up slightly better numbers than Gabby, but Diego was on a whole different level.

I got there way too early at 8:10 AM. I expected weigh ins at 8:30 and then lifts to start at 9:00.  Instead we got weighed in around 9:00 and starting lifting at 9:15.  It was very casual and aside from the kilo/pound/loading nonsense everything ran pretty smooth.  I did not get a chance to snack/hydrate much as I was expecting to have 30 minutes between weigh in and starts.

I weighed in at 192.4 lb (87.5 kg)

Squat - 90, 100, 110 kg (3 for 3)
Bench - 70, 75, 77.5 kg (2 for 3)
Deadlift - 140, 150, 155 kg (3 for 3) and a PR!
Total - 340 kg

They did not calculate Wilks scores, nor do I recall exactly what Gabby and Diego put up.  Gabby was around 100/60/120 for SBD.  Diego was around 180/110/225 for SBD.

As I keep my records in pounds, this translates to 242/165/341/748 pounds.  Well ahead of my GGC effort in May of 235/170/325 at 197 pounds bodyweight.

I was thrilled to go 8 for 9 with some solid numbers in Squat and I was thrilled to set a deadlift PR at 52 year of age beating my previous best of 325# pounds.  Even the squat was an annual best.  I had put up 235# this year and lifetime best was 264# (120kg).  Bench certainly needs work.  I had recently been able to put up 195# and lifetime best is 205#.

Also, all of the participants got a free sweatshirt and beanie for participating.

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