Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Accessory - Metcon

Wednesday, August 30, 2023

CDOT Fitness Center


Treadmill - 5 min walk

Incline DB Chest Press

Alt Pistol to Target (Inline Bench at setting = 1)


12 min AMRAP
1 SA DB OHS (10#)
5 burpee
5 burpee

I finished 8 and got 2 of 9 OHS.  This was really hard to keep moving.  I tried to stay smooth on burpees.  SA DB OHS were brutal.  I originally thought 35#, then dropped to 20#, 15# and finally 10# which was the correct weight for me today.  It was good to do 40 burpees in a metcon.  Adopted from main site which called for OHS with 125/185 and 10 burpee box jumps to 20/24"

Treadmill - 5 min walk

40 minutes total workout

Monday, August 28, 2023

Run - Accessories

Monday, August 28, 2023

CDOT Fitness Center



2.02 mile run - right ankle felt a little wonky, walked last half mile


3 Rounds

Alt DB Curls - 20# - 20/20/16
DB Lateral Raises - 10# - 10/10/8
Calf Extensions - 15/15/15

Saturday, August 26, 2023

D'Evelyn Dash 5K

In the spirit of the CrossFit Games, the 5K was short and my chip time of 28:05 was about half a mile off.  My actual time of 32:54 (by adding a half mile at the end) was a big annual PR as I continue my march towards 30 minutes.

It was a fun outing and good to see the D'Evelyn families and sponsors.

Thursday, August 24, 2023

Buoyancy Shorts

Thursday, August 24, 2023

Bear Creek Lake Park - Soda Lake


Open Water Swim

500 yards (channel rules)
500 yards (w/buoyancy shorts)

I was inspired by a friend of mine who recently swam a mile without a wetsuit at Chatfield.  This is challenging for a couple of reasons.  First, it is hard to swim a mile.  Second, it is much easier with a wetsuit.  Third, the gravel pond at Chatfield is a commitment with the only bail out point being the sand bar.

I decided to go for a swim without my wetsuit.  I did 4 laps, taking a break between each one.  It was much harder and much slower without the buoyancy shorts.  First two laps took me 17 minutes.  Next two laps took me 15 minutes.

Tuesday, August 22, 2023


Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Garage Gym


Warm Up

Reverse Hyper
Foam Roller
Crossover Symmetry
Hip Hammy Flow


For Time:
50 sit-ups
40 DB Snatch (27.5#)
30 Ring Row
20 Push-ups
10 Cleans (115#)

This was modified from main site programming which called for GHD sit-ups, 50# DB snatch, C2B pull-ups, handstand push-ups and 165# cleans.  I scaled it very appropriately finishing in 12:19.

Sit-ups - set of 35 then 3 additional sets (2:40)
DB Snatch - big set then 2 small sets (3:00)
Ring Row - 3 sets (~2 min)
Push-ups - 5/4/3/2/2... (~1 min)
Cleans - all singles (2:40 - 9:40 to 12:19)

It felt good to get a metcon in after all of the explosive strength and mono-structural training.

Monday, August 21, 2023

Octane Overload - October 21, 2023

This would be a good event, but we are currently scheduled to be out of town this weekend.

Tire Medley: The athlete must start hands on the tires, on the judge's command, the athlete must flip the first tire 2x. Then the athlete must run back to 2nd tire, and flip it 2x. The athlete must then run to the 3rd tire and flip it 2x. At the end of the 2nd flip on the third tire athletes time is stopped. The score is based on time or # of flips.

Truck Pull Arm over Arm: Athletes will start with rope in their hands and sit in the tire. At the judge's "go," the athlete will pull a vehicle with a rope by hand for 50 feet as fast as possible for 60 seconds.

Car Deadlift: Athletes will be allowed to strap into the implement. On the judge's "go," the athlete will have to deadlift a car for as many reps as possible in 60 seconds. No bouncing allowed, the athlete MUST wait for the down command. 

Rising Bar Viking Press- Athletes start with hands off the implement. At the "Go,"  the athlete will then grab and press the first weight overhead and wait for a down call. The athlete will then bring the weight down (NO AIR DROPS) and the next weight will be loaded. The judge will give the command to press again. The athlete will proceed until the max weight is reached and will then rep out on the last weight until time runs out. (Ideally, we will be loading engine blocks 1 at a time if everything goes to plan.) 

God of Stones: Athlete will start over the first stone (90lbs) and on the judge's "Go," the athlete will lift the stone over the bar. Once the stone is over the bar athlete will proceed to the next stone and continue all the way down the line of stones until the athlete can no longer lift the stone, time runs out (90 seconds), OR they reach the final 380 lb stone. Scores are given on # of stones completed and total time.

The Stead School
18251 Homestead Trail
Commerce City, CO 80022
View Map
Oct 21, 2023

Start Time
10:00 AM
Meet Director
Andrew Morrison

Price $80

Thor Strength Showdown - December 2, 2023

Thor Strength Showdown is posted and moving up to the Division C will be tough.  420# deadlift, 165# Yoke Press, 175# Sandbag Carry, 400# Conan's Wheel, 125/150/175# Sandbag Squat.  For some of these, I will be lucky to get a rep.  It is time to move up as Division B weights are well within my comfort level.
  1. Trapbar Deadlift & Carry: Athlete will start 5 feet away from bar. At the start, athlete will perform 3 deadlifts. On the third deadlift, the athlete will carry the implement 20 feet. Then, the athlete will repeat the deadlift and carry one more times; ending with a final 3 deadlifts. There will be a total of 9 deadlifts and 2 carries. Each distance will count as one rep to make it 11 total reps possible. Refs will be giving down and up commands. Athletes will get a down command when hips and knees are locked out. If implement is dropped during either carry, the run will end. Scoring will be based on fastest time or most reps completed. Event will have a 30 second time cap.
  2. Log Press OR Yoke Press: Division A & B will be performing the log press for max reps. Division C & D will be performing the yoke press for max reps. Yoke measurements will be taken at check in. Athletes can start with hands on implement. Refs will be giving a down command. Athletes will get a down command when hips, knees and elbows are locked out. Implements must be controlled on the way down. Athletes will receive a zero if either implement is dropped from overhead. Scoring will be based on max reps. Event will have a 30 second time cap.
  3. Flip, Carry, Drag: Athlete can start with hands on tire, which will stand upright. At the start, athletes will perform 5 tire flips. Then, athlete will pick up either a husafell or sandbag nearby and carry it 50 feet and place on sled. Last, athlete will drag the sled 50 feet. Every 10 feet will count as an addition rep for a total of 15 possible reps. There will be no rounding up. Scoring will be based on fastest time or most reps completed. Event will have a 60 second time cap.
  4. Conan's Wheel: Athlete will start will arms under implement. At the start, athlete will pick up and carry implement for as long as possible. Once the implement is dropped, the run is over. coring will be based on farthest distance. Event will have a 30 second time cap.
  5. Sandbag Squat: Athlete will start 5 feet behind the first sandbag. At the start, athlete will pick up sandbag and bring it to their shoulder. Once stabilized, athlete must remove one hand from sandbag and perform a squat. Squats must be at parallel or below. Refs will let athletes know when they can squat. If squat isn't low enough, refs will have you repeat only the squat. After a successful squat, athlete will move to the next. Max repetitions will be done on the last bag. Athletes must clean and squat each time. Scoring will be based on max reps. Event will have a 60 second time cap.
Trapbar Deadlift & Carry - 150, 250, 420, 560
Log Press OR Yoke Press - 70, 120, 165, 205
Flip, Carry, Drag - 100/75/150, 250/125/200, 325/175/250, 600/225/300
Conan's Wheel - 175, 250, 400, 550
Sandbag Squat - 30/50/75, 75/100/125, 125/150/175, 175/200/225

Sunday, August 20, 2023

USAWA Teeth Lifter (Leatherworking)

I made my way over to Tandy Leather to talk about a teeth lifter.  It turns out they have a workshop in the back that is available for use and classes as long as I bring my own materials.

Michael got me started with leather scraps ($4.99) and making a pattern.  I cut the pattern with a box knife.  Then I cleaned up the edges with the grinding wheel.  Next was closing the edges by moistening the leather edge and using the table or hand burnishing tool.  I then placed the D-ring ($4.99) Next step was gluing by applying across the entire piece, letting it dry to tacky and then sealing.  This initiated another round of cleaning up edges and closing the edges.  Finally for rivets, we punched 1/8" holes and fed rivets through and used the press rivet device rather than the hand rivet process.

I loved every minute of the 2 hour process.  Michael was working by himself and managing clients in addition to coaching me.  For $11 out the door, I am anxious to give my new device a try.  I am also interested in doing more leatherworking.  A guy there was working on a bike tool bag projects.  Personally, I would like to make a quiver for archery, a Scottish Sporran, travel knife roll and I will probably think of numerous other projects once I get going.  I will definitely pop in again and am looking forward to having a fun little hobby for winter.  One of their more popular classes is Renaissance Festival gauntlets, but they have patterns for knife/gun/tool holsters, belts, and bags among other more elaborate stuff.

Tandy Leather is 10 minutes from my house and very friendly.  They had a shop in Arvada, but I never considered popping in. 

Thornton Celtic Festival and Highland Games

I got back after it at the Thornton Celtic Festival in a Men Master class of 4 athletes (Mike and Brent from Colorado Scottish Festival, plus Mike and myself).

I improved nearly across the board:
  • Braemar Stone - 15'-10.25 inches to 17'-6.5"
  • Open Stone - 20'-5.375" to  21'-8.625"
  • Heavy Weight for Distance - 15'-1.25" to 15'-11"
  • Light Weight for Distance - 18'-2.125" to 24'-10.25"
  • Heavy Hammer - 38'-0" to 37'-0.25" (went down)
  • Light Hammer - 45'-0" to 51'-7.875"
  • Caber - 30 degrees to 65 degrees
  • Sheaf Toss - 13' to 14' (still did not clear the minimum bar)
  • Weight Over Bar - 10' (no improvement)
Jeremiah was our judge.  I also met Shannon who practiced with me in Arvada and Karen the scorekeeper.  We competed with the Grand Masters (60+) including Skip, Craig and Ron.  These guys were beasts and were besting me on each of the events as well.
  • Braemar Stone - no coaching cues
  • Open Stone - no coaching cues
  • Heavy Weight for Distance - use one turn, start facing 3:00 position
  • Light Weight for Distance - use one turn, start facing 3:00 position
  • Heavy Hammer - generate more speed, be aware of low point
  • Light Hammer - generate more speed
  • Caber - balance caber in the air, rotate so any bend in facing me, wide stance, bend at waist so light on shoulder, conform body to caber, get low so interlaced fingers are practically under the caber, lift straight up if light enough or straight pop if necessary, regain balance once standing, tip forward with shoulder, chase it and flip.
  • Sheaf Toss - 3 swings and then go from L to drive up, long loose arms, violent explosion to flick the sheaf, all power should be up
  • Weight Over Bar - be patient as it comes up between legs and then drive
Thornton was a nice venue and I would like to compete next year.  It was nice having my own fork, but I definitely need to practice a lot more.  Depending on the offseason, I will buy a heavy weight over bar in the Spring.

To be in the mix, my throws need to improve significantly
  • Braemar Stone - 15'-10.25 inches to 17'-6.5"**Get to 22'
  • Open Stone - 20'-5.375" to  21'-8.625"**Get to 27'
  • Heavy Weight for Distance - 15'-1.25" to 15'-11"**Get to 25'
  • Light Weight for Distance - 18'-2.125" to 24'-10.25"**Get to 40'
  • Heavy Hammer - 38'-0" to 37'-0.25" (went down)**Get to 50'
  • Light Hammer - 45'-0" to 51'-7.875"**Get to 70'
  • Caber - 30 degrees to 65 degrees**Flip it
  • Sheaf Toss - 13' to 14' (still did not clear the minimum bar)**Get to 20' (easiest to practice in the yard)
  • Weight Over Bar - 10' (no improvement)

Thursday, August 17, 2023

Competing with Your Younger Self

My Garmin Fenix 6 keeps track of stats

Fastest 1 mile - 9:50.3 (7/10/2022)
Fastest 5K - 35:31.8 (8/14/2023)
Longest Run - 3.41 miles (9/12/2022)

Longest Ride - 20.29 miles (9/18/2022)
Most Ascent - 938 feet (7/24/2022)

Fastest 100 yards - 2:10:00 (8/10/2022)
Fastest 500 yards - 12:00:00 (8/10/2022)
Fastest 1000 yards - 24:53:00 (10/2/2022)
Longest Swim - 1189 meters (8/20/2022)

This data was combined with an article from my sister that indicated that people slow about 1% per year until age 77 at which point the decline is faster.  This is based on marathon record times.

5K - 36:57 (3/5/2023)
5K - 33:58 (8/27/2022)
5K - 32:15 (8/28/2021)
5K - 31:09 (8/29/2020)
5K - 31:31 (8/24/2019)
5K - 28:15 (5/23/2015)
5K - 24:55 (10/26/2013)
5K - 28:55 (2/23/2013)
5K - 29:11 (1/26/2013)
5K - 28:26 (8/7/2012)
5K - 24:51 (6/29/2012)**
5K - 26:43 (8/10/2011)
5K - 20:00 (high school estimate)

Based on the 24:51 time, I should be able to run a 5K in 27:43.  Taking into consideration that I am 14 pounds heavier at a penalty of 2 seconds/mile, I should still be able to manage 29:45.  A sub 30 5K is a fairly reasonable goal.

Bolder Boulder 10K 2003 - 56:56
Bolder Boulder 10K 2002 - 48:13
Bolder Boulder 10K 2001 - 48:39

Boulder Backroads Half Marathon 2001 - 2:00:37

Motorola Marathon 2002 - 4:32:13

With USAWA we use Lynch Factor.  Weightlifting and Powerlifter use a Sinclair Calculator.

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Bench - Metcon

Tuesday, August 16, 2023

Basement Gym


Bench Press

12x95 (tough)


Pinch Block
5kg x 10 sec L/R
5kg x 10 sec L/R
5kg x 10 sec L/R

Finnish Ball
10lb x 3 sec L/R
10lb x 3 sec L/R
10lb x 3 sec L/R

50lb x 10 sec L/R


Garage Gym



200 m run
10 box jumps (20")
1 pull-up

Finished with 4 Rounds + Hail Mary run.  Felt really good to mix in some high intensity movement.  In addition to box jumps, I want to start working in burpees, double unders and others.


8 walking lunges (on the grass)

As usual these lit me up.  Hopefully that will be the spark to program them more often.

30 + 30 minute total workout

Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Bench - Metcon

Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Home Gym


Bench Press



4 Rounds for Time of:
400m run
15 Abmat sit-ups
5 push-ups
1 pull-up

Finished in 15:50 and was consistent at around 4 minutes per round.

Finished with 3x10 reverse hyperextensions with 50#

Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Sheaf and Sheaf Fork Order

Based on my Highland Games performance, I really want to work on Sheaf and Caber.  Caber will be tough, but I could order a sheaf fork and start practicing on my own.

Sheaf - 16# - Red Stitching - $80

Sheaf Fork - Starting at $95 (requested recommendations and pricing)

  • 1.25", 0.060 wall aluminum - POSSIBLE
  • 1.125" light weight wood - straight for 10 and 16 pound sheafs - POSSIBLE
  • Combination of aluminum and wood - Going with this per Michael Black recommendation
  • Medium weight contoured ash handles with aluminum at base - 20 pound, but work for everything - POSSIBLE
  • Carbon fiber 30mm diameter x 1000mm in length - NO
  • Carbon fiber 28mm diameter x 1000mm in length - NO
Handle length - Going with 42" per Michael Black recommendation
Grip Tape Color - Red
Paint Color (Aluminum) - Bare
Optional Paracord Wrap on Fork-End Grips - Yes, Red

Looking at my throw, I am certainly not blocking and need to work on that.

Michael Black also pointed out a couple of other flaws:
  1. Gripping the fork too wide
  2. Fork head rounding back to the right
He was kind enough to review my video, provide training tips and even offered the outline of his lesson in Norway.

He has some catching up to do, but will be able to get to my order.

I currently have:
  • 28# WFD
  • 16# Hammer
  • Solid Bar Ring & Shackle - use 28# for height technique
  • Sport Kilt
  • 16# Sheaf
  • 42" 3-tine Sheaf Fork
Items for completion:
  • 42# WFH - $155 (5.625" Cylinder)
  • 22# Hammer - $100
  • Hammer Blades - $45
  • "D" Handle with Shackle - $30 (in order to use WFH for WFD)
  • Trig - Homemade
  • Caber - NA
  • Standards - NA
  • Rolling box
I will likely complete my set up in 1 or 2 stages.  Primary is WFH & D Handle - $185 plus shipping.  Secondary is Hammer and Blades - $145 plus shipping.  In the near term, I need to get 12, 16 and 22 pound stones weighed and marked and build a trig.  I have no plans to acquire a caber of fabricate standards.

Monday, August 7, 2023

Eleiko Hybrid Barbell Recall

I just found out that my wonderful Eleiko Hybrid barbell was being recalled out of an abundance of caution after 3 failures.  Per the disclaimer 1,151 barbells across 20kg and 15kg were delivered.  Eleiko is offering a replacement bar from the XF or Performance lines, none of which meet my needs.

I debated endlessly regarding this purchase and was torn between the Matt Chan barbell and the Eleiko.  I had eliminated the Fringe Sport despite the great specs as I wanted a stronger brand name.

The replacement XF bars do not do anything well and do not have a center knurl.  The Performance bars are either weightlifting or powerlifting bars and do not have dual knurl marks.  All of the bars have shiny chrome finishes which I do not care for.

I may reach out to customer service for a refund and then grab a Matt Chan barbell.  Decisions, Decisions.

UPDATE - 8/24/2023:  I reached out to customer service requesting a refund which they could not provide.  They could however provide an 20kg IWF Weightlifting Training bar which has 1.2 knurling on the outside knurl and passive center knurl.  The only changes will be having only weightlifting knurl marks and a chrome finish.  Considering that I now own a Texas Power Bar, it makes more sense to have a weightlifting bar rather than a hybrid bar that can do both.  Considering the weightlifting bar runs $1,024, I should not be complaining.  Part of the replacement was providing the serial number (210312 123561) which I found only after being told exactly where to look.  In two years of owning the bar, I never noticed a serial number.  I will miss my bar, but looking forward to testing the feel of a true Eleiko weightlifting bar.

UPDATE - 9/5/2023:  I received the Eleiko Weightlifting Barbell and it feels good in hand and I will get used to the aesthetic.  It is SN 230302 154327.

Eleiko SN = YYMMDD of manufacture followed by individual serial number

Sunday, August 6, 2023

59th Colorado Scottish Festival - Athletics

I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in the 59th Annual Colorado Scottish Festival held at the Denver Polo Fields in Sedalia, Colorado.  The venue was amazing with all of the clans, Scottish heritage information, main stage, dancers, pipers and of course athletics.

We were in two groups with the A/B men and all women competing on Saturday.  The C men (Open), lightweight men (under 200), masters men (40+) and grand masters men (60+) competing on Sunday.

Everybody was broken into groups.  My group the masters men was assembled with our judge (Cheryl).  All of my group was experienced and I was the newbie to Highland Games and taken under their wing.

We started with hammers, which is my favorite event.  I managed 38' with the 22 pound hammer and 45' with the 16 pound hammer.  Ryan won both the heavy and light with throws of 72' and 94' respectively.  I have some work to do.  I did have one scratch on the light hammer.  Coaching cue was to open and extend arms.

Next we went to stones.  I managed 15' with Braemar (22 pounds) and 20' with Open (16 pounds).  Dustin won Braemar with a 28' toss and Brant won open with a 34' toss.  Coaching cue position feet to allow full opening of hips.

Next we did weight for distance.  The 42 pound heavy weight was brutal and I only managed 15' and that was with an underhand throw (no spin).  The 28 pound light weight was only marginally better with an 18' toss.  Ryan won both with throws of 32' and 50' respectively.  Coaching cue throw Braemar style without spin.  This was especially effective on the heavy weight as I went 8' and 11' spinning and 15' underhand throwing.

Then we went on to 42 pound weight over bar.  I cleared 8, 9 and 10 feet before failing three attempts at 11 feet.  Ryan and Michael tied for the win at 14 feet.  Coaching cue high in, low out, let weight come drop natural and then drive.  

After lunch we started on caber.  Caber starts with a qualifier and then a scored event.  In 3 attempts, I picked the caber twice and launched it once.  I was working with the 51 pound 17'-2" (M2-A) and failed to qualify.  The rest of the group qualified with the 72 pound (15 foot) caber and scored with the 76 pound (18 foot) caber.  Michael won with a near perfect flip.  Coaching cue, get base set, flat back, butt out steady the caber for as long as you need to, pick, get steady again, let caber trot start then flip by keeping hands very close to body.

The final event was Sheaf toss and I could not even clear the opening 14 foot standard (I was scored as a 13 foot throw).  Brant was in a class by himself matching his personal best at 28 feet after everybody else bowed out at 22 and 24 feet.  Coaching cues were too many to list, but Braemar toss was recommended along with driving left arm up and punching with right arm.  I will likely invest in my own sheaf fork and 16 pound sheaf this fall.

Ryan was first overall, followed by Michael, Dustin ("Cuff"), Brant and myself.  Brant had an unfortunate scratch on weight for height which kept him out of contention.  They use decathlon scoring which is very fair.

Everybody had fun with near perfect weather.  A lot of athletes had rolling totes to keep their gear dry, organized and have a place to sit down between efforts.  It was fun to hear everybody's background in athletics and in life.

As far as decathlon score differentials, I was at roughly half of what my peers were at with stone, hammer and weight for height slightly better, weight for distance and sheaf much worse and caber much, much worse.  In addition to a sheaf, I might seek out a 42 pound weight as that was quite onerous.  My open stone technique could certainly use some help as well.

Thursday, August 3, 2023

Rogue Urethane 55 pound plates - $280

These are almost brand new. Barely used. They are urethane coated and will last a lifetime.

Rogue’s color-coded Urethane LB Bumpers are molded from top quality, high durometer urethane—ideal for producing a consistent dead bounce on the drop and maintaining the long-term integrity of the plate. The design of the single-piece, 140MM hard chrome insert also allows for easy loading on the bar with reduced friction on the sleeves. For a combination of performance and durability, few bumpers in the industry can rival these.

This feels like a good deal, I have seen most 55s going in the $300 to $350 range and at $280, these are at a fair $2.50/pound.  The problem is that I really don't need them nor have I ever felt like it would be any easier to load up 55s than it would be to load up 45s.  At a $1-$1.50/pound, I would have to have them, but no sense in throwing a $150 lowball offer out there.  They should sell quickly.

Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Bench Press Cycle

I am finally starting a bench press program after delaying it way too long.  
  • How important is bench press to my overall fitness?  Not much
  • Do I compete in bench press?  No
  • Do I want a bigger chest for aesthetics?  Not really a priority
  • Do I want to bench 225# in order to be a badass?  YES
I took a look at some programs on BarBend and the easiest to follow scheme that made sense to me and my needs was Undulating Periodization to add frequency and fit into a well rounded program.
  • Day 1 (medium):  5x5
  • Day 2 (light):  3x12
  • Day 3 (heavy):  3x3
8/1/2023 - Started with 5x5 (felt good)


8/3/2023 - Completed 3x12


8/9/2023 - Completed 3x3

8/11/2023 - Completed 5x5

8/15/2023 - Completed 3x12

8/17/2023 - Completed 3x3

8/20/2023 - Completed 5x5

There is no shortage of programs out there and I am sure they would all work for me.  My motivation was to primarily increase frequency and also to limit how frequently I go heavy.