Saturday, January 26, 2019

Overhead Press - Back Squat

Saturday, January 26, 2019

BeStrong Strength and Conditioning

2:00 PM

Warm Up

Air squats
Glute stretches

Overhead Press


Back Squat


On both lifts, I was building towards a heavy single and felt pretty good about the effort.

BeStrong Strength and Conditioning is a pretty cool community tucked into a strip mall between a video game store and a trophy shop.  The storefront sign proudly advertises "GYM" without much fanfare.  Inside there are two power cages, two squat racks, several nice benches, dumbbells and lots of cast iron weight.  They have about 170# of bumpers for Olympic lifting.  They also have a t-bar row, stationary bike, and Concept 2 rower along with some other miscellaneous equipment and recover stuff like foam rollers.  They are continuing to build out the facility as space and finances allow.

Saturdays 1-4 PM is open gym and anybody can come by and lift.  They typically also lift at 2 PM on Sundays, and 5PM most weeknights.  I got to meet Cody and Al and the BeStrong certainly has a community set up for competitive powerlifters and folks wanting to get an edge on life through powerlifting.  It is family friendly and there were a couple of little ones running around and a father came in with his son and daughter as I was leaving.

The facility is "always open" for members paying $40 month-to-month, with discounts for 3 month, 6 month and 12 month commitments.  For having just opened in August 2018, they have a good following.  There were about 8-12 people there while I was in and Cody said typically it is just a few of them lifting in the evenings.  They also offer ad hoc and formal coaching, training and programming.

Several of the lifters were originally at Classic Barbell which unfortunately closed down.  This seems more viable, given the smaller space and higher price point.  I definitely plan to drop in again and would consider getting a membership.

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