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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Coach Amy

(9AM Gymnastics) – about 12 of us including Andrew, Ben, Randy, Kat, several judges, and me

Warm Up

400m Run followed by shoulder circles, rolling shoulders forwards and backwards, rolling wrists, lightly stretching neck, series on gymnastics mat including straight leg bear crawl, forward crab, reverse crab, seals, cartwheels, 1 armed cartwheel, forward rolls, forward roll into a pistol.  I did pretty good on this except for cartwheels.  After a shoulder roll, Coach Amy explained the forward roll:  Start with arms above head, touching ears, squat down very low, place hands on mat in front of you, place head on mat in front of you, keep chin tucked and push off.  I did my first ever forward roll!!

4 rounds of 30 second handstand holds facing the wall.  I did not get very close to the wall, but got closer than usual (~3 feet away).  I was able to hold 30 seconds for the first two.  On the last two, I managed about 20 seconds.

Squat warm up, regular, narrow stance, wide stance.  Pistol warm up by holding leg out.  Kips on pull up bar.

Handstand Push-up Ladder starting going from 3 abmats, 2 abmats, 1 abmat, flat, 45# plates deficit, 8” box deficit, 12” box deficit.  I successfully kicked up, but did not hold very well on the first station before getting in line.


“Mary” – 20 Minute AMRAP of 5 Handstand push-ups, 10 Pistols (alternating legs), 15 pullups. 
The last time, I did Mary was on August 21st with Coach Rich (5 + 29).  That time I did headstand holds, pistols to 20” box and pull-ups.  This time I opted for handstand holds and with fatigue that turned into attempts to get into handstand position.  This time, I only managed 5 + 2, but my quality of movement was much better.  Amy explained a little about kipping pull-ups and was emphasizing the extension after bending your knees to explode over the bar.

She told me to work on kick-ups at home by getting low, going forward about a foot further than your instinctive aim point and lifting one foot off the ground as vertical as possible and only lifting the second foot off the ground a few inches.

I cooled down with some banded shoulder stretches and foam rolling.

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