Sunday, November 22, 2020

SLIPS - Strict Nicole

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Home Gym



Scales - four position right/left/front/back scales for 20 seconds x 2 rounds

L-sit - 2x 10 second efforts with bent legs (my abs are still lit from yesterday)


hold 10 sec
1 rep to 2 abmat
1 rep to 1 abmat
1 rep to 1 abmat
1 rep to 2 abmat

Plank - 40 second side plank hold each side

Strict Nicole

400 meter run
max strict pull-ups

This went a lot better than I thought.  My runs started off just under 2:30 and crept up slightly over the workout.  I got 5 reps on the first round and 4 reps on the subsequent round.  The last full round was at 18:18 and I went out for a "Hail Mary" run with a score of 25 pull-ups for the workout.  I finished the round after time was called with an additional 4 reps.

Programming was from Vintage Crossfit.

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