Sunday, November 29, 2020

Dynamax Medicine Balls

I totally got caught up in Black Friday shopping and ordered (2) medicine balls.  Dynamax was offering 35% off of all medicine balls in stock and that was just a little too much for me to walk away from.

I have a 14# medicine ball and have been wanting a 20# ball and a 6# Hoover Ball.  However, the price points of $125 and $66 respectively seemed a bit much.  I enjoy training with medicine balls and they do not take up much pace.  I typically do wall ball shots, sit-up and toss along with warm-up stuff.  

The 14# ball is the sweet spot, but 20# is typically Rx for men's Crossfit workouts.  A Hoover ball is an all around interesting tool that I wanted to do more with.  Plus it is a good weight for the kids.

I was absolutely set on a Dynamax ball instead of another Simpson's Fitness Supply or any other knock off medicine ball.  They have a better feel in terms of density and leather that I have not found a sufficient substitute for.

The 6# ball was $66 (less $23.10 Black Friday plus $10 shipping) = $52.90 all in.

The 20# ball was $125 (less $43.75 Black Friday plus $15 shipping) = $96.25 all in.

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