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Monday, November 2, 2020

Rogue Pull-up Systems

P3 - asymmetrical - (14 or 22" from wall or ceiling) - $135
P4 - asymmetrical - (30" from wall or ceiling) - $145 - One for sale in Littleton on Facebook Marketplace 11/2/2020 for $145 (basically no tax and free shipping)
P5V - symmetrical - (14 or 22") - $120
P6V - symmetrical - (30" from wall or ceiling) - $125

P3 and P4 best for wall mount
P5 and P6 best for ceiling mount

Know your clearance

+ $75 for shipping and taxes, ouch!

Rep Pull-up bar resembles the P5V and can be set at 12 or 23" - This works for me with a 10' ceiling and is priced right at $99.

Titan has one similar to the P4 at $74 (32")
Titan has one similar to the P6 at $67 (31" or 39" from ceiling)

Rep $60 in Castle Rock on Facebook Marketplace 11/2/2020

UPDATE - Planning on picking up one in Littleton on Friday for $145.  Saving the shipping & tax cost of $33.47.  Seems fair.

Unit was as described and pretty straightforward to install.  I used 3/8" x 3" lag bolts and washers.  Finding the studs was not too bad.  Afterwards I puttied in anticipation of paint.

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