Home Gym 3.0.4 - Functional Fitness

Functional Fitness Gym
I claimed a single car garage bay to set up as a Functional Fitness Gym.  I wanted enough room to safely perform and dump (if necessary) Olympic lifts.  I wanted to do burpees, handstand push-ups and swing a kettlebell without playing equipment Jenga (I have failed).  I am constantly moving the plyo boxes, incline bench and rower.

Horse stall mats
2' x 4' foam mat

Eleiko Weightlifting Training Bar 20kg
Rogue Bella Bar 15kg
Rep Technique Bar
StrongArm Sport Deadlift Bar
Rogue Beater Bar
Black Iron Strength Thick Bar
Xmark Curl Bar
Shorty Barbell (30 lbs)
Loadable Dumbbells
QuickLee collars
OSO collars

Rep Colored Bumpers (45-45-25)
Hi Temp Bumpers (45-45-25-15-10)
Rogue Black Bumpers (25)
Rep Black Bumpers (35-10)
XPRT Fitness (15)
VTX Bumpers (10)
HiTech Technique Plates (10)
Rep Technique Plates (5)
Ivanko Technique Plates (5kg)
Eleiko Technique Plates (5-2.5kg)
Eleiko Change Plate set (10-5-2.5-1.25)
Ivanko Change Plate (1.25)
Rogue Change Plate (2.5)
Rep Change Plates (5-2.5)
USA Change Plates (10)
CAP Change Plates (10-10)
AFA Falcons Plates (45)
Billard Olympic Deep Dish (45)
International Bullseye (45 single)
Universal (25-10)

Hammer Strength Incline Bench
Titan Reverse Hyper

Concept 2 Rower

Dumbbells (5-8-10-12-20-27.5-35-45-50)

Abmat (5)
Jump Ropes (2)
Kettlebells (53-44-35-35)
Jump Boxes (12-12-8)
Wall Balls (20-14-8-6)
Wall Mount Pull-up Bar
Weighted Vest

Atlas Stones (95-70)
Axle Bar
Brute Force Sandbag (50#)
Rogue Husafell Sandbag (125#)
Harambe Strength 12" Log (80#)
Titan Farmer's Walk Handles (Top Loading)

DC Blocks
Bulgarian Bag
Titan Barbell Jack
Battle Rope
Steel Mace
Team Gupta banner
Neversate banner
Rogue Mass Storage (43")
Rogue Mass Storage (70")
Titan 9 Bar  Rack
Dumbbell Rack
Blob (half 50)
Crossover Symmetry
Titan Silencer Pad
Steel Mace
Sled (drag)
Sled (magnetic resistance)

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