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Olympic Plates

Bell Foundry Company (BFCO) - Still in business, South Gate, Southern California.  Weights of choice in the 1970's.

10's free from Danny Salpietra (via Facebook Marketplace).

Billard Barbell Company - Reading, Pennsylvania 1960s. (hat tip  The Billard Olympics are older than Billard Universal.  Billard Olympic were made until the late 1980's.  Billard Universal made in the 1990's.

25's purchased from Danny Salpietra (via Facebook Marketplace).
45's purchased from Sean Duran (via Facebook Marketplace)

Danny Salpietra 2/7/2022

Danny Salpietra 2/7/2022

Champion Barbell -  Dallas based company that catered to high schools and other institutional type settings.  Likely manufactured overseas.  I purchased a pair of 45's from Jordan Quill (Facebook Marketplace).  Sold to Robert (Craigslist)

Jordan Quill 3/11/2022

Hofman Industries - [Unrelated to Bob Hoffman] out of Reading, PA, not as accurate, looser fit on sleeves.  Still in business, make piping now in 2022.  I purchased a set of 25's from Keli Naujokaitis (Facebook Marktplace).  These are USA stamped and not milled.  I sold these to Jake (Facebook Marketplace)

International - Canadian company.  I purchased a single 45 "Bullseye Back" from Jordan Quill (Facebook Marketplace)

Jordan Quill 3/11/2022

Ivanko Barbell Company - American manufacturer of fitness products.  Plates include unbranded, economical OB series and premium M series.  Not particularly rare or desirable, but I really like the feel of them.

Purchased a pair of 25s from Pako (via Facebook Marketplace 3/30/2022).  Sold to Eugene (Craigslist)

Universal - Universal Gym Equipment was an American manufacturer of exercise equipment, in particular weight machines. It was founded by Harold Zinkin in 1957. In 1998, it was acquired by Flexible Flyer. In 2006 it was acquired by Nautilus, Inc. The Universal Gym brand was subsequently discontinued except for a line of selectorized dumbbells.  The weights were likely manufactured in the 1970's.

Purchased 45s from Pez MG (via Facebook Marketplace 1/19/2022)

York Barbell Company - Bob Hoffman produced bars and plates in Pennsylvania from the early 1930's until the mid to late 1990's.  The York Hercules Olympic line was York's economy line.  The first run of these unmilled cast plates were produced in the US, with "USA" on the hubs, before moving production off-shore.

Olympic Plates
  • 45's (1960's-1990's; Chief 1/10/2022 - 1 pair, milled)
  • 35's (1960's; Chief 1/10/2022 - 2 pair, milled), traded one pair to Cholo Herrero
  • 25's (Joshua Kost 1/18/2022 - 1 pair, milled)
  • 10's (Pako 3/30/2022 - 1 pair, Hercules)
  • 10's (Garcia Perla 6/2/2022 - 1 pair, milled)
  • 5's (Chief 1/10/2022 and 6/1/2022 - 6 pair; all milled), traded one pair to Ben B
  • 2.5's (Rob Ert 3/9/2023 - 2 pair, unmilled)
I am currently sitting on 310# of Vintage York plates.  I will still be on the hunt for deep dish York plates which cost around $1000 (collector prices), but a fraction of that if found on Facebook or Craigslist "in the wild." 

Roundhead Dumbbells
  • 1's (Ben B, 7/29/2022, Bruce V, 10/17/2022)
  • 2's (Ben B, 7/29/2022)
  • 3's (Ben B, 7/29/2022, Michael L, 10/22/2022)
  • 4's (Michael L, 10/22/2022)
  • 5's (Ben B, 7/29/2022)
  • 6's (Rob E, 3/6/2023)
  • 7's (Hamid, 2/4/2022)
  • 8's (C Todd, 7/23/2022)
  • 9's (Bruce Victor, 5/6/2023)
  • 10's (Ben B, 7/29/2022)
  • 12's (Rob Ert 3/9/2023, Ed Lagenfeld 4/7/2023)
  • 15's (Don Westman, 7/24/2022, Jesse Rome, 10/20/2022)
  • 20's (Eric, 1/4/2022)
  • 25's (Eric, 1/4/2022, Cholo Herrera, 7/27/2022)
  • 30's (Tamara, 6/26/2022)
  • 35's (Jason B, 3/9/2023)
  • 40's (Cholo Herrera 7/27/2022, Chris 10/12/2022)
  • 50's (Seth, 2/5/2022, Chris, 10/12/2022)
  • 60 (Chris, 10/12/2022)
  • 75 (Chris, 10/12/2022)
Collection is near complete.  I want to sell the extra 15-15-15-60-75 and purchase 45-45.

Modern Era - 1960's to 1990's

Late 50's to the late 60's

Milled back 5# plates

Universal Gym Equipment - Founded by Harold Zinkin in 1957.  First Mr. California in 1941 and was very innovative in developing weight machines with a weight stack.

45's purchased from Pez MG (via Facebook Marketplace).

Schisler - Likely manufactured in 1980's and distributed by Schisler in Ohio.  They sold "Eagle Head" plates and three spoke.

Justin Stalsis 3/11/2022

Standard Plates

Ironman Barbell - Peary Rader (owner and editor of Iron Man magazine) sold plates from his location in Alliance, Nebraska in the 1950's.

The 25# standard plates were being offered by Katherine L. McCray (via Facebook Marketplace).  They were quickly bought by Hugo Teufel (Vintage York Barbell Owners) and I purchased them from him on 1/8/2022.


Healthways Hollywood - Richard Kline born 1906, died 1963, training programs for the stars (booklet "The Hollywood Way to a Beautiful Body" and opened a gym Health-Ways at 5750 Hollywood Blvd in 1940.  He branched out into cinematography equipment, air gun parts and scuba gear.  Sold this pair to Brad Baker via Facebook Marketplace.

ROC-MO - Per a thread on Vintage Weights & the History of Physical Culture, ROC MO was short hand for Rocky Mountain, headquarters of the iron company.  The Colorado fuel and Iron Company has roots going back to 1872 and is currently continuing operations as the Evraz Rocky Mountain Steel Mill.  I am starting to put together a "complete" set, but am not sure what that would entail.  Was it 50-35-25-20-15-12.5-10-7.5-5-2.5-1.25 or some subset and what would a period correct barbell look like?
  • 50# (Chief 6/1/2022 & Garia 6/2/2022)
  • 25# (Garcia 6/2/2022)
  • 15# (Chief 6/6/2022)
  • 10# (Chief 1/10/2022)
The sand castings are pretty rough, but they are very cool plates.  I may clean them up with Oxalic Acid and gold highlight the letters.

The misc 25# standard plates were purchased from Chief-Manuelito (via Facebook Marketplace 1/10/2022) were found in a storage unit clean out.  (2) 25# Healthways of Hollywood, (1) 25# York, (1) 25# unbranded Made in USA, (3) 10# ROC-MO, (3) 10# unbranded Made in USA.  Sold (1) ROC-MO and the (3) unbranded Made in USA to Brad Baker.

1950's Healthways of Hollywood

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