Monday, July 6, 2015

CrossFit Elizabeth

Monday, July 6, 2015

MBS CrossFit - Coach Meriah

(11AM) 9 including me, 3 girls, 6 guys

Warm Up

400m Run, then 3 rounds of 10 KB Straight Leg Dead Lift (35#), 10 Russian or American KB Swings (35#), 10 Goblet Squat with Pause at Bottom


“Elizabeth” 21-15-9 reps for time Clean (135#), Ring Dips

We warmed up the bar (45#) with 2 rounds of 5 Good Mornings, 5 Behind the Neck Presses, and 5 Squats.  Then we did a “Burgener” style warm up with hang high pulls, hang cleans, hang cleans with a slight dip, hang cleans with thighs at 90 degrees and then hang cleans in a full squat.  Next we went to the top of the knee and then mid shin.  We were working all together.

Then we had 10 minutes to get ready for the workout which had a 15 minute cap.  I considered moving to 75#, but decided to stay at 65# instead.  I did a couple of ring dips, but knew that I would not be able to do more than a couple of reps during the workout.

I finished the workout in 9:53 at 65# and jumping ring dips.  I had to break up the cleans in groups of 10, 5, etc and was starting to feel a little tightness in my lower back.  On the first round I did 1 ring dip, before moving to jumping.  On rounds 15 and 9, I could not manage a single one.


We finished with couch stretch (2 minutes each leg).  The next stretch where we shimmied out butt to the wall and had our feet over head in kind of a squat, making sure we did not pivot up our hips, for me this felt like a great groin stretch (2 minutes).  Calf stretch against the wall.  Wrist stretches against the wall in both directions.

I also did a little foam rolling.

Overall Impressions

The facility is really large with a dedicated strength and fundamentals/endurance room.  The main room is huge with a central rig.  There are plenty of weights, rowers, GHD, etc.

Sheena at the front desk is very nice and took me on a tour.  In addition to restrooms with showers, they also have changing rooms and some couches to just hang out at.

Being one of nine participants was a little daunting.  We went around the circle warming up giving the highlight and lowlight of the weekend.  I don’t remember anybody’s name.  That is an upside of Wodify.

11 AM is a pretty good time slot for me.  I am not scrambling to get up in the morning and it is reasonably equivalent to a lunch time workout.

I happened to show up during the "Perfect Week" which will be 5 benchmark workouts featuring the girls.  They are printing up t-shirts and everything.

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