Tuesday, July 14, 2015

CrossFit Jerk / Sandbag Mile

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Coach Andrea

(11AM) George, Steve, Jay and me

Warm Up

400m Run followed by 3 rounds of 10 minutes of Overhead Prep:  10 Cat / Camel Thoracic with 2 second holds, Crossover Symmetry and 10 Strict Press with PVC / empty bar bell (45#).  For the Crossover Symmetry we went through 3 different sequences using the yellow and purple bands (1) Crossover pulling arms out, (2) Squeeze shoulder blades together and then cross out, (3) lower anchors and alternate crossing over up then out.


Skill:  Jerks
Push Jerk Behind the Neck 4 sets of 2/3 each leg.  Not a max effort, but get as heavy as you can with good positions with both legs.  Purpose to spend time in the split, and learn what it’s like to have weight overhead in good position.

After warming up with just the bar I did 4 sets:  3 x 65#, 2 x 70#, 2 x 70#, 2 x 70#.  The motion is to dip drive and get under it.  I had a tendency to press it up rather than pop it up.  My feet needed to be wider apart.  It was weird having my left foot forward for split jerks.

I really appreciated that Coach Andrea provided a lot more feedback than Coach Meriah or Coach Jeremy.


1 Mile Sandbag Walk (do not run).  Every minute 3 walking lunges each leg.  L3:  75#, L2:  60#,  L1:  45#.  I opted for the 45# bag and struggled with that.  My right hamstring started to tighten up on the second set of lunges, but I managed to make it through in 22:00.  My form was degraded and I wasn’t going as far down on the later sets of lunges.


Couch stretch, Hamstring stretch, groin stretch, hang from bar to open up back, and banded shoulder stretch.

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