Monday, July 20, 2015

CrossFit Deadlifts - Pull Ups

Monday, July 20, 2015

Coach Meriah

(11AM) 1 girl, 6 guys including me

Warm Up

2 laps of both long stairs and then 3 rounds:  10 perfect kips with hollow position, 5 SHSPU (or  5 eccentric HSPU / 10 seconds of tripod / frog stand), 10 banded good mornings, 10 single leg glute bridges (10/leg).

I don’t know how perfect my kips were, but the hand stand push-ups were not happening.  Coach Meriah got me started with tripods, but I was only managing 3-4 seconds.  Start with hands shoulder width apart and rock forward with triceps on knees and support weight with your vertical forearms.  A tripod is formed by touching your head to the floor, it should not be supporting any weight.


Pull-up / Dip Complex:  3 regular pull up & 3 dips, 3 narrow grip pull up & 3 dips, 3 wide grip pull up & 3 dips, 3 reverse grip pull up & 3 dips, 3 mixed grip pull up & 3 dips, switch hand positions for 3 more mixed grip pull up & 3 dips, 3 false grip pull up & 3 dips.  I skipped the reverse and only used the same hand position for 6 mixed grip.  I needed a spotter for narrow, wide and false grip.  Some guys were using a weight vest.


3 rounds for time:  400m Run, 21 Chest to Bar Pull ups, 12 Deadlifts (275#).  L2:  225# & regular pull ups.  L1:  185# & Ring Rows or 21 Jumping Chest to Bar.

I did jumping chest to bar and 155# deadlifts.  That was really tough.  Considering my max deadlift is 235#, there was no way I could have gone 12 reps at 185#.  I was able to do jumping chest to bar and getting something out of it, but it is hard to get the right balance of jump / strength.  I ended up finishing in 17:12.  I need to keep in mind a neutral back and high butt during deadlifts.  Coach Meriah ran over to correct my rounded back on the first set.

We finished with Mobility Day 2 (split legs against wall, hamstring, shoulders, etc.)

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