Thursday, November 12, 2015


Thursday, November 12, 2015

Coach Meriah

(11AM) Bill, Tom, Dan, Ilian, Amy, Sam and me

Warm Up

Run or Row then EMOM for 10 min
Even – Jump Rope (singles, front/back, wide/narrow, 2/2 on one foot, crossovers)
Odd – 3 strict pull ups + 10 lunges (5 each leg)

Workout of the Day

3 rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters
50 Back Extensions
50 Sit-ups

In honor of Navy Lieutenant Michael McGreevy, 30, of Portville, NY, who was killed in Afghanistan June 28.With heavy hearts we offer our prayers and condolences to his wife, Laura, and 14-month-old daughter, Molly.  The price of freedom, and it’s worth, is found in Michaels passing. The debt owed to Michael and his family can never be repaid but only honored by remembering Michael and remaining free.

This was a long workout that I made a point of just grinding through.  I did scale to 35 hip extensions and 35 sit-ups.  On the first round, I did good mornings with a 35# kb, but after that the GHD’s were free for hip extensions.  I finished in 26:21.

I finished with some child’s pose and foam rolling.  Despite reasonable form, the fatigue caused me to feel the hip extensions in my low back.

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