WeightQuantityTotal WeightDescription
133York RH
224York RH
339Plastic, York RH (pair)
428York RH
5630Plastic, York RH (pair), Reebok Neoprene Coated (pair)
6212York RH
7214York RH
8540Plastic, York RH (pair), Ignite (pair)
10770Metal Hex (3), York RH (pair), Ignite (pair)
12448York RH, Ignite (pair)
15575York RH
20480York RH, Iron Grip
25250York RH
30260York RH
354140Rubber Hex, York RH
404160York RH, unbranded globe
453135Pro Style, York RH
505250Iron Grip, York RH
55155York RH
602120York RH
65165York RH
70170York RH
75175York RH
80180York RH
85185York RH
90190York RH
95195York RH
1002200York RH

I also grabbed some 10# loadable DB handles that I have been playing with in preparation for the USAWA 4th Quarter Postal

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