Wednesday, May 27, 2015

CrossFit NANCY

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Coach Zach

(6AM) Liz, Dalton and me


400m Run, Shoulder Circuit, 8 Samson Complex, 10 Goblet Squat, 10 Pass Through, 10 Overhead Squat (PVC), 10 Overhead Squat (Bar, 35#)

Mobility:  1st Rib:  Attach band at knee height on rack, hook over shoulder close to neck, raise arm overhead and stand, press arm against rack, finally lean forward at hips


5 Rounds for time of 400m Run and 15 Overhead Squats at 95#

This was my first time with overhead squats.  Start with knees wider than shoulder width apart and bar in snatch grip overhead.  Lower to a full squat, if torso leans forward, keep the bar tracking above heals.  Rise back up for one repetition.  It is important to keep the arms locked and your core stable during this lift.

The 400m run was easy, but I was not moving as fast as I would have liked, probably averaging 2:45 for the splits.  I did the Overhead Squats at 45# using a women’s 35# bar and 2 wooden 5# plates.  The first round, I did the squats in two sets.  On the last round, I had to break the squats up into 3 sets.  I finished in 21:51.  I was pleased with the effort and could probably manage 55# or 65# with good form, but that is a far cry from a 95# Rx.

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