Friday, May 8, 2015

Crossfit Gymnasty

Friday, May 8, 2015

Coach Arik

(6AM) Ben, Lisa, T$$$, and me


50 jumping jacks, shoulder circuit, 10 pass through, bear crawl, lizard crawl, duck walk, and horse walk down and back.

Lizard crawl was reaching with your right hand and bringing your left foot to your stationary right hand and repeating on the opposite side.  Horse walk was with knees pointed out in a wide squat position (as opposed to duck where the feet are close together).  The bear crawl was a little tough on my triceps, but OK.

Metcon (No Measure) “Gymnasty Like Fight Gone Bad!”  3 rounds of 2 minutes each station for strict form.  Hand Stand Shoulder Touches, Superman Rock, Skin the Cat, Hollow Rock and Candle Stick.  Rest 2 minutes between rounds.

I knew this would be tough going in as I have seen my girls do gymnastics and I have a relatively weak core on which these movements depend on.

Hand stand shoulder touches – From the hand stand position, touch hand to adjacent shoulder.  Scaling includes feet on a box and just rocking by lifting hand slightly off the ground.  Further scaling could include just un-weighting one hand at a time.  This was tough on my right triceps and I only lifted the right hand off the ground.  Locking the right hand and lifting the left was painful.

Superman rock – Arms extended in front feet close together in back rock on pelvis.

Skin the Cat – Hanging from rings with straight arms, pull legs up and through behind you, pause and rotate forward.  From the hanging position, I tried to bring my knees up to my chest, but could not leverage them through.  I also tried this with bent arms rather than straight arms to no avail.

Hollow Rock – Feet close together in front of you, arms overhead, rock on a rolled back.  I could do this but was often slamming onto a flat back rather than rolling.  I was also in more of a U shaped rock, rather than a more extended position.

Candle Stick – From hollow rock position, pull feet in and stand straight up.  For a more difficult challenge try it on one leg.  I could not pop up and used my hands to get my body over my feet.  A suggestion was to reach feet for the sky before launching forward.   This helped a little, but I could not bring myself to the landing.

Although the Metcon was a no measure, it was exhausting and I paused several times to catch my breath.  I will definitely feel it in my abs tomorrow.  I also developed a little crick on the left lower section of my neck.  After the first round, I felt myself giving less than 100%.

Injury:  The triceps feels stable, but I have developed a gouty elbow. 

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