Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Crossfit Agility

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Coach Zach

(6AM) Matt, Kayla, Liz and me


800m run, 10 inch worm, 10 Samson complex (lower elbow adjacent to knee, rotate towards knee).  Agility warm up (3X) – 10m run forward, 10m run back, 10m side shuffle, 10m karaoke, 10m sprint

Agility Course

1 foot each plate, 2 foot each plate, linear hop, slalom hop, shuffle, lateral plate jumps, box jump overs.

This was a day that I just wanted to get through without hitting the deck.  We went through each motion several runs.  The plate moves were set up on about ten 15 lb plates in a row in both directions.  One foot on each plate started with a lean forward and then hitting each plate with 1 foot.  Two foot means tapping it twice.  Linear hop is jumping quickly from one to the next.  Slalom hop is much tougher landing on either side of the plate.  The shuffle is a real test of agility.  From the left hand side of the plate, land the left foot on the plate, bring the right foot onto the plate, take the left foot off and then take the right foot off.  This could also be done taking only 1 foot off the plate rather than both.

Lateral plate jumps were from one 45lb plate to the next.  The plates were 5-6 feet apart in a diagonal pattern.  There were about 10 plates set up.

Finally the box jump overs.  There was a 20”-24”-24”-20” set up and a 12”-16”-16”-12” set up.  They were 5-6 feet apart.  Jump onto the first box, jump off and then onto the next box quickly staying upright the whole time and not resetting.  I could get on-off the first set but was resetting.  The 12-16’s were much easier.  I also finished up with an attempt at 16-20’s which went pretty well.  Matt set up 24-30’s and got through.  Kayla’s attempt at the 24-30’s resulted in a choice bruise on her right shin.

I am glad we did not do a Metcon for time.

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