Monday, August 10, 2015

CrossFit “Kimmy”

Monday, August 10, 2015

Coach Patrick

(6AM) Stacey, Heather, Steve, Robb, me and 5 others (10 total) at the MBS II (the deuce)

Warm Up

Run around the building followed by 3 Rounds of 10 hollow rock, 10 controlled kips, 10 pushups, 20 lunge steps.  I didn’t finish the last round when we started on a few double unders.


2 rounds of each triplet for time of:

Triplet 1:  15 burpees, 12 deadlift (185#), 9 front squat (185#)
Triplet 2:  30 CTB pull ups, 30 shoulder to overhead (115#), 30 Perfect push ups
Then, 100 double unders (25 minute time cap).  
L2:  135#, 75#, L3:  115#, 55#

I went with L3 and was able to go through 2 rounds of Triplet 1 without modification.  On Triplet 2, I did jumping CTB and quickly switched to push ups on knees after the first 10 reps

I had about 2 minutes remaining to crank through the double unders, but only managed 7.  I had another half dozen attempts and a score of singles.

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