Thursday, August 27, 2015

CrossFit Split Jerk

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Coach Sean

(11AM) 8 of us, Angelique, Anita, Kirsten, other girl, Bill, Conner, Charlie and me

Warm Up

4 rounds of 30 Jumping Jacks, 10 Hollow Rocks and 15 Sec Handstand Hold.  I did a wall walk up instead of the Handstand Hold


For Load:  1 Push Press, 1 Push Jerk, 2 Split Jerks.

We started on technique with a PVC pipe, dip and drive for the push press, keeping heels, hips and shoulders in plane and bending knees slightly out if necessary.  Then for the push jerk, we want to hear a solid jump and land.  Finally for the split jerk, the lead leg goes forward a little and the back leg goes back more when we drop.  This should be a stable comfortable position.  Recover by moving lead leg back first and then back leg forward, then recover the weight.

I warmed up with 2 sets at 35#.  Then I got into it with 65#, 85#, 105#, 125# and finally 135# (PR!).  The 135# looked pretty ugly and I was not keeping the weight balanced nicely overhead.  I did a final set at 125# and felt pretty good with that.


For Time:  500m Row, 50 Dynamic Push Ups 4”/2”, 500m Row.  L2:  2”/0.  L1:  0/modified.

This was tougher than it sounds.  We were encouraged to try half/half if we did not feel confident with a full set of dynamic pushups.  I managed the first 500m Row in about 2:30 and then started with 2” Dynamic Pushups (hands landing on 25# plate, 4” = 45# plate).  After 10 reps, I switched to regular pushups and got to 25 reps in sets of 5.  Then I switched to sets of 3 and 2 before shaking my arms out.  The last 14 reps were 1 at a time.  I hopped on the rower at about the 7:00 mark and cranked out the final 500m to finish in 9:27.  The modification ideal was to finish in 10 minutes and I was pretty pleased with my time.

Mobility – Finished with chest stretches on rack, banded shoulders, banded wrist, flared legs against wall and foam roller.

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