Friday, April 1, 2022

SLIPS - The Other Total

Friday, April 1, 2022




Stretch - Crossover Symmetry, Hip Hammy, trunk twists, pass through

Scales - front/back left/right 

L-sit - 3 x about 8-10 seconds

Inversions - HSPU to 2 abmat x 3 reps, HSPU negative to 1 abmat, HSPU to 2 abmat x 1 rep

Plank - 90 seconds

The Other Total

1 clean
1 bench press
1 overhead squat

Time cap: 30 minutes

I warmed up for a good half hour prepping all three movements.  When I felt close to starts I went:


76 (167 lb)
80 kg failed
80 kg failed

167# was 9# under my recent PR of 176# on 12/8/2021

Bench Press

90 kg (198 lb)

198# was 3# better than my recent PR of 195# on 2/4/2019


83 lb
93 lb
45 kg (99 lb)
47 kg failed

99# was 17# better than my recent PR of 82#  on 4/8/2019

This resulted in a 211 kg or 464 lb total.  I was disappointed in the clean and felt great about the bench press.  I did not realize how much of an improvement I made on the OHS until I got back to my desk.

The Other Total is a Crossfit benchmark workout that was tested in the 2022 Quarterfinals.  I did the movements in order, but I did use different barbells and racks.  I was feeling a little beat up and did not feel like performing metabolic conditioning today.

I taped my thumbs, work lifters, knee sleeves and wrist wraps.  Ideally, I would plan on 3-4 attempts per movement with about 2-3 minutes rest between sets.

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