Monday, April 18, 2022

Weight Plates - 1752.5 pounds!!!

Olympic Plates

Bumpers - 540#

(4) Rep Colored 45s
(2) Rep Competition 25s

(4) Rogue Hi-Temp 45s
(2) Rogue Hi-Temp 25s
(2) Hi-Temp 15s
(2) XPRT Fitness 15s
(2) Hi-Temp 10s

Change - 42.5#

Eleiko Change plate set 10-5-2.5-1.25

Ader Fractional Set 1.00-0.75-0.50-0.25

Rubber Coated - 45#

(2) Rep 10s
(4) Rep 5s
(2) Rep 2.5s

Metal - 805#

(2) York 45s
(2) Universal 45s
(2) Schisler 45s
(2) Champion 45s
(1) International 45

(4) York 35s

(2) Billard 25s
(2) Ivanko 25s
(2) York 25s

(2) DP 10s - not collectable
(2) York Hercules 10s
(2) BFCO 10s

(8) York 5s

(4) York 2.5s - not vintage

Standard Plates - 320#

(4) 25# Plates

Pig Iron

Close up of Pancake, Lightning P, Pro Sport, DP and Billard

(6) 25s
Iron Man
Healthways Hollywood

(12) 10s
Billard - Made in China
Lightning P

(9) 5s
Lightning P
Pro Sport

(1) 3

Going forward.  I am good on bumpers and would like to keep the set of Hi-Temps for training outdoors, plus I need the 15's and 10's.  I would like to add to the premium bumpers with a pair of colored 35s and possibly black 15s and 10s..

Metal Plates are a different story.  I would like to stay at (6) pairs of 45s, (2) pairs of 35s, (2) pairs of 25s, (4) pairs of 10s and unlimited 5s and 2.5s.  I would like to stick with collectable plates and get a pairs of Zuvers, Berg, Jackson, Eleiko, Paramount, Thor, Lou Ferrigno, Viking, Cougar and other unique and interesting plates.  I would not mind owning Ivanko or Iron Grip EZ grip plates.

I do not expect to be actively looking for equipment.  A pair of 3rd Generation Jackson 45 pound plates recently changed hands in the neighborhood of $3000 (around $30/pound).  At some point, I may be seeking historically significant plates at auction.  This is not happening today.

Pig Iron:  Regarding the 320# of plates, I would like to be able to set up a curl bar from 50-100# and two spin lock dumbbells.  The curl bar can be set up with 25-10-10-5.  I rarely expect to use the dumbbells, but it is nice to have them for heavy single arm.

(2) 25# Iron Man
(2) 25# Hollywood Healthways
(6) 10# ROC-MO

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