Weight Plates

Total 2226.5#

Olympic Plates - 1612.5#

Bumpers - 540#

(4) Rep Colored 45s
(2) Rep Competition 25s

(4) Rogue Hi-Temp 45s
(2) Rogue Hi-Temp 25s
(2) Hi-Temp 15s
(2) XPRT Fitness 15s
(2) Hi-Temp 10s

Technique Plates - 10#

(2) Rep 5s

Change - 42.5#

Eleiko Change plate set 10-5-2.5-1.25

Ader Fractional Set 1.00-0.75-0.50-0.25

Urethane Coated - 265#

(2) Iron Grip 45s
(2) Iron Grip 35s
(2) Iron Grip 25s
(4) Iron Grip 10s
(2) Iron Grip 5s
(2) Iron Grip 2.5s

Metal - 935#

(2) York 45s
(2) Universal 45s
(2) Schisler 45s
(2) AFA Falcons 45s
(2) Marcy Grip 45s
(1) International 45

(2) York 35s

(2) Billard 25s
(2) York 25s
(4) Rogue Calibrated Steel Plates

(2) York 10s
(2) York Hercules 10s
(2) BFCO 10s
(4) CAP 10s

(12) York 5s

(4) York 2.5s - not vintage

Standard Plates - 434#

25# Plates (sold the lower ones)

Pig Iron

Close up of Pancake, Lightning P, Pro Sport, DP and Billard

Collectible Standard Plates - 300#
ROC-MO (50-25-15-10# pairs) = 200#
Iron Man Barbell (25# pair) = 50#
Hollywood Healthways (25# pair) = 50#

Pig Iron - 134#
(8) 10s
(9) 5s
(3) 3s
Total 104# (enough to build a heavy adjustable barbell)

Going forward.  I am good on bumpers and would like to keep the set of Hi-Temps for training outdoors, plus I need the 15's and 10's.  I would like to add to the premium bumpers with a pair of colored 35s and possibly black 10s..

Metal Plates are a different story.  I would like to stay at (6) pairs of 45s, (2) pairs of 35s, (2) pairs of 25s, (4) pairs of 10s and unlimited 5s and 2.5s.  I would like to stick with collectable plates and get a pairs of Zuvers, Berg, Jackson, Eleiko, Paramount, Thor, Lou Ferrigno, Viking, Cougar and other unique and interesting plates.  I would not mind owning Ivanko or Troy plates.  I occasionally covet calibrated plates.

I do not expect to be actively looking for equipment.  A pair of 3rd Generation Jackson 45 pound plates recently changed hands in the neighborhood of $3000 (around $30/pound).  At some point, I may be seeking historically significant plates at auction.  This is not happening today.

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