Thursday, July 9, 2015

CrossFit Isabel

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Coach Meriah

(11 AM) 6 including me, 2 girls, 4 guys

Warm Up

600m Run, followed by 3 rounds of 5 Strict Pull Ups, 10 Boot Busters (grab the top of your foot and extend your legs, for a hamstring stretch), and a 200m Run

We warmed up with light weights (35#) doing High Hang Snatches, Behind the neck Push Presses, Push Press into a Squat, and then Overhead Squats.

To work up the weight a three rep sequence of Snatches, then Behind the neck Push Press, and then Behind the neck Push Press dropping into an Overhead Squat.  I did 55#, 65# and 75#.

Coach Meriah marked my feet as I was landing wide.  Set position should be dead lift foot position.  Land position should be air squat position.


“Isabel” 30 Snatches (135#)

L2:  Use 60-70% of 1 RM, L1:  Use less than 60% of 1RM.  As I had recently done this workout, I opted for 65#, rather than the 55# I used last time.  I managed to finish in 4:12 (compared to 3:59 at 55# on 6/30/2015).


Hamstring:  Lay on back, hook band on one leg straight up, pivot foot toward midline and away from midline, swing leg towards floor.

Groin stretch against wall:  Knees bent and legs splayed

Shoulder stretches

Overall Impressions

12X/month - $165 monthly (will pro-rate July)

Unlimited/month - $195 monthly

Unlimited/Pre-pay 3 months - $526.50 ($175.50/month, 10% discount)

No discount for military spouses, just the military member.

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