Friday, March 4, 2016

16.2 T2B-DU-Squat Cleans

Friday, March 4, 2016

Coach Ben

(11AM) - Jeremy, Reval and me

Warm Up

500m row, 500m run, air squats, groin stretch each side, up dogs, down dogs, scorpion into pigeon, Russian Baby Makers, gorilla stretch/butt busters.

Then 5 rounds of T2B, DU, Front Squat progression from rack

Round 1:  kips, singles, 45#
Round 2:  high knees, singles, 45#
Round 3:  straight legs, throw in doubles, 65#
Round 4;  straight legs/engage lats, doubles, 95#
Round 5:  T2B, doubles, 115#

This was a really good warm up that we spent about 15 minutes on.  Between a couple of the rounds we did a triceps smash against the barbell that really seemed to open up my front rack position.


Rx:  25 T2B, 50 DU, 15 Squat Cleans @ 135#, if completed in 4 minutes, get 4 minute extension for additional 25 T2B, 50 DU, 13 Squat Cleans @185#, 4 minute extensions to 11@225#, 9@275#, 7@315#

Scaled:  25 hanging knee raises, 50 single unders, 15 Squat Cleans @95#, same progression, except at 115#, 135#, 155#, 185#

I did the scaled workout and felt pretty smooth.  The hanging knee raises were not too bad and I broke them down into 15/10.  The single unders were perfect and I did those unbroken.  The squat cleans were tough.  I broke them up into singles and was receiving them pretty well, until the last 4 reps.  I got into a mode of power clean, get set and then squat.  Those precious seconds stopped me at 14 of the 15 reps.  I was just grabbing the bar at 3..2..1..stop.

As part of the WOD, we all went to 8 minutes so I finished the last rep, went through the hanging knee raises, single unders and got 4 reps at 115# by the 8 minute mark.  My form was shot at 115# and I am fortunate I did not hurt myself.

I felt really solid through the whole workout.  The warm up was perfect.  I felt ready to do work and was tired at the end, rather than worrying about tweaks.

Revel and Jeremy were just shy of full rounds Rx which was really impressive.  I heard the coaches had entered the 3rd round, while games hopefuls were reaching the 5th round.

I cooled off with squat against wall.

I wore my Inov8's and taped my thumbs which was a good level of protection support.  I would not have been aided by lifting shoes or a belt.

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