Friday, March 31, 2017

MU Progression, Karen

Friday, March 31, 2017


Coach Ben - (8:00 AM) - Just 2 of us, me and a girl I didn't know

Warm Up

400m Run, WMCF Dynamic warm up

Muscle Up Progression

(1) Establish the False Grip
(2) Kipping Swing on Rings x 5-8 reps
(3) Hanging Hip Thrusts x 5-8 reps
(4) Standing Transition x 5-8 reps
(5) Seated Strict MU w/band x 3-5 reps

We had about 13 minutes for this and I got through the progression once and half way through a second time.  The false grip was tough for me and the bony part of my wrist is pretty torn up.  Kipping swings were tough as I did not feel confident in the false grip.  Hanging Hip Thrusts were OK, but I only did 2 reps each time.  Standing transitions were done by starting in a dip position and walking hands back tracing chest and then forward back to a dip position.  Seated Strict MU were really hard as well and I only did a couple of reps.


150 Wall Ball Shots 20# ball to 10' target

This was athlete's choice day and rather than repeating a workout or trying a Hero workout, I decided to do a girl workout and arbitrarily selected a 15 min cap.  The first 25 were easy compared to the last 25.  I quickly went from 10 reps per set to 4 reps per set.  I maintained good depth and was solid on hitting the 10' target as well.  Final score was 14:16

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