Tuesday, March 28, 2017

2017 CrossFit Open Retrospective

Well the 2017 Open has come to a close and I was excited to complete all 5 workouts.

17.1 - Rx - 50# DB Snatches 24" Box Over Burpees

17.2 - Scaled - 2x 35# DB Walking Lunges, Hanging Knee Raises/Pull-ups, 2x DB Power Cleans (Rx used 50# DB, T2B and Bar Muscle-ups and I could not safely manage the weight on the walking lunges)

17.3 - Scaled - Jumping Chin Over Bar Pull-ups, Squat Snatch Ladder - 45#, 75# ... (Rx did Chest to Bar Pull-ups, but the Squat Snatches started at 95#, over my 1 RM)

17.4 - Scaled - 55 DL at 135#, 55 Wall Ball Shots 20# to 9' target, 55 Calorie Row, 55 Hand Release Push-ups (Rx used 225#, 10' target and HSPU, I could have gotten some reps at 225#, but this represented 75% of my 1RM)

17.5 - Scaled - 10 rounds of 9 Thrusters at 65# and 35 Rope Skips (Rx used 95# and Double Unders, the thrusters would have been heavy for me and I would have quickly been reduced to singles on the Double Unders, I would have been time capped at 40 minutes)

Aside from 17.2, I could have gotten at least 1 rep on each of the workouts, but would have been operating close to my physical limits.

Overall, I was 11,164 / 13,373 (17th percentile) males 45-49 and 180,522 / 201,948 males overall (11th percentile).  I am pretty comfortable with this and would still like to work towards the 25th percentile of my age group.

I need to work on weighted lunges, squat snatches, and thrusters at 95# for high reps.  I feel like I made good progress on deadlifts and double unders.

I really enjoyed doing the events at West Metro CrossFit, but wish I could have participated in Friday Night Lights.

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