Friday, February 25, 2022

Crossfit Open 22.1

Friday, February 25, 2022



Warm Up

crossover symmetry
hip hammy
wrist mobility
jumping jacks
movement prep
set up station

Crossfit Open 22.1

Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:

3 wall walks
12 dumbbell snatches
15 box jump-overs

50-lb dumbbell, 24-in box

This was as tough as I expected.  My goal was 4 rounds, but after finishing the first round in 4 minutes, I knew that was not happening.  My final score was 91 repetitions.

The wall walks were tough and the standard makes it really tough.  I only had one no rep and it was in the last round when I came crashing down before getting back to the line.  Coaching cue to get organized just before approaching the line helped a lot.

The DB snatches were relatively easy.  12 reps is not too many and I train with the 50# DB.

The Box Jump overs were smooth, albeit time consuming.  15 reps is no joke and 45 reps certainly ate up a lot of time.

The transitions were long just to get my breath back before pushing forward.  It was a good test Rx and a good workout Rx.

I wore Reebok Nano X1, calf sleeves, elbow sleeves and wrist wraps.


R1 - 4:03 (1:01 wall walk, 1:11 DBS, 1:51 BJO)

R2 - 5:06 (1:30 wall walk, 1:29 DBS, 2:07 BJO)

R3 - 4:51 (1:32 wall walk, 1:30 DBS, 1:49 BJO)

R4 - 1:00 for wall walks (missed the first rep on the way down 20 seconds, rested 20 seconds, got last rep in 10 seconds)

Certainly opportunities for conditioning on DBS and BJO.  Wall Walk could use some technique help, but overall much better than last year.

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