Friday, February 25, 2022

Old School Gym

This gym picture came up on Pinterest and I was really taken in at first glance and upon looking at it more closely, I was even more impressed.  It appears to be a low ceiling basement gym with exposed cross beam.  The basics include a four post rack with pull-up bar, adjustable bench and deadlift platform (with a cool Punisher logo).

Dumbbells go from about 10-100# and include rubberized hex and pro style dumbbells.

Barbells include (2) 20kg barbells, safety squat bar, swiss/axle bar, (2) curl bars, lat pull down attachment.

Plates include Ethos Bumpers, Rogue steel plates and change plates.  I think I spy 100# deep dish plates, but am not certain.

There is also a dumbbell rack, wall mounted bar storage, mirrors, Rogue Fitness International Flag, vintage memorabilia, stall mats on the floor, a DIY or old school squat box, TRX system, Body Solid clock, dead wedge, chains and farmer's carry handles.

I like the organization and the gritty look.  It seems like a great powerlifting space.

It makes me question my space as the hip extension, ab bench, plyo boxes and mass storage system take a large foot print that could easily be removed if I migrated to a powerlifting gym vs a crossfit gym.  I feel like bodybuilding needs machines.  I feel like a weightlifting gym needs jerk boxes.

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