Monday, February 28, 2022

York Roundheads

Posted by Sean Flynn - Vintage Weightlifting Swap and sold within a week.

Update!  Sold!  

One-stop-shop for a full set of roundheads.  

.5 - 10, 12, 15-100.  All pre-USA with the exception of 3 pairs; .5s, 12s, and 55s.  All heads are tight.  One 65 is bent some.  One 95 is just very slightly bent.  Will not separate any individual pairs.  Asking 6k.  

Rack is not included but can be negotiated along with price.  

Only considering selling in order to take things in a different direction with my home gym.  
* note the 100s on the rack with the patina are not the 100s included.  See the additional picture for the included pair of 100s.

2205 total pounds and $6K is just under $3/pound asking price.  For some reason, the 0.5-12# are very expensive and hard to come by.

The collection was assembled on the east coast in under a year and included thousands of mile of travel.  While there may be more supply on the east coast, there is also a lot more demand.  I come across York roundheads within driving distance that have been on the market a week or more whereas with a large pool of collectors, things disappear within an hour.

5-50# Roundheads in North Carolina asking $1000.  450 pounds.  Rick Tarleton, asking just over $2/pound.  Pretty reasonable, but apparently the 50+ dumbbells are harder to find in good condition and the 0.5-10 and 12 lb dumbbells are expensive.

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