Sunday, February 6, 2022

Upgrades Only!

I have said it before and need to say it again to myself over and over again.  The home gym is complete, but I will consider upgrades and unique equipment related to physical culture.

My wish list has dwindled down to SYQQ collars and Thompson Fatbells (which I had the opportunity to buy, but passed).

Even the upgrade path is pretty thin.


Flooring - Will not upgrade without dedicated space (barn or basement).

Rack - No plans to upgrade.  Could enjoy a Powerlift Collegiate Half Rack

Barbells - Done.  I have the best (Eleiko), but still kind of want a Texas Power Bar.

Plates - Done.  

Benches - I have a Rogue Flat Bench, but am still on the lookout for a nice adjustable bench.

Dumbbells - I am set through 45#, but will buy vintage York dumbbells or Iron Grips if I can find a good deal.

Cardio Equipment:

I own a Concept2 rower and there is no upgrade path.  If I get more space, I will keep my eyes open for bike erg, ski erg or Assault Bike.  I cannot jam any of those items into the house.


No opportunity for upgrades.  All of my items are commercial quality


No opportunity for upgrade.  I could add a heavy sandbag (100-150#)

Martial Arts:

Not sure why I have the stuff I have now, but I have considered getting a heavy bag.


This is truly random with some commercial grade stuff and some one off items.  I do want a dumbbell rack.  With more space, I would get some other machines.  Reverse Hyper would be high on the list.

UPDATE:  I did not even make it 48 hours before purchasing another set of 25# plates and an 8# wall ball.  One could argue the Billard 25s were an upgrade, but I am not parting with my York 25s.

UPDATE 2/14/2022 - I did get a dumbbell rack last Thursday, 2/9/2022, but am not going on 5 days without purchasing anything!  Fortunately, there has not been many interesting items nearby.  There have been some great deals come around, but I do not want to chase those.

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