Friday, January 8, 2016


Friday, January 8, 2016

Self Coached at Oracle Gym

(12:30 PM) just me

Warm Up

Started with arm swings and then sat in a squat for a bit.  Ran 400m on the treadmill and then did around 15 walking lunges and 10 banded Good Mornings.  I did a few kips swing and then started working up weight for Deadlifts (45#, 95#, 135#, 185#).

Workout of the Day


OTMx10, alternating
Even: 8 Straight leg deadlift
Odd: 4-6 Strict pullups or 2x ring rows

I overshot a bit and only did 5 reps at 185# before dropping down to 135# for the rest of the workout.  I also did normal deadlifts rather than straight leg.  I was able to manage 4 pull-ups per round.


50-40-30-20-10 reps for time of:
Double unders

If you don’t have double unders, do 2x singles with beaded rope.

This was pretty good and I was really pleased with myself for doing all of the sit-ups.  Last time I modified to half sit-ups.  I still did single unders and finished in 11:44

Finished with mobility - Squat against wall and couch stretch.

Overall impressions.  It is creepy quiet at the Oracle Gym compared to a CrossFit box.  The combination of music, yelling, grunting and weights dropping is really energizing.  That said, I did pretty well with this workout.  I could have used an ab mat and chalk, but all of the other equipment was perfectly acceptable.

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