Sunday, January 10, 2016

Gymnastics - Handstand Fundamentals

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Coach Amy

(9AM) Gavin, Andrew, Ben, Kat, several others and me, about 10 of us

Warm Up

500m Row followed by crab walk hands pointed backwards and then forwards, seal drag, forward roll (remember to tuck chin and get back of head on mat), cartwheel (2 on good side, 2 on bad side)


Kip swings (3x5) then Tap swings (3x5).  Tap swings - start swinging and then lift hip high going backwards and pop hips up going forward.

Handstand Fundamentals

Downward dog push up, touching head beyond 5# plate.  Headstand to roll (5X up and down, then roll).  Headstand 5X tuck, 5X straddle, 5X pike (these are in order of difficulty).  I could kind of do tuck but needed wall for the others and I still was not successful.

6 Minute AMRAP
1 wall walk up and 2 touches
2 wall walk up and 4 touches
3 wall walk up and 6 touches, etc.

I did the wall walk ups, but not to perpendicular.  Instead of touches, I did lifts.  I did 2 of the wall walk ups for the round of 6 (5 + 2 rounds).

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