Friday, February 22, 2019

19.1 Wall Ball - Row

Friday, February 22, 2019

CrossFit Golden - Lacey/Greg

12:00 PM

Warm Up

Light Row - 2 min - 600 cal/hr
2 inch worm
8 lateral lunges
15 unbroken light WBS (10#)

Goal Pace Row - 2 min - 700 cal/hr
2 face up scorpion
2 face down scorpion
8 hamstring sweeps
15 unbroken goal WBS (20#)

Workout 19.1

Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
19 wall-ball shots
19-cal. row

Men throw 20-lb. ball to 10-ft. target

(Scaled would have been a 14-lb. ball)

162 Reps

My goal was 4 rounds and I was shooting for 3:30/round.  My first round was a little fast as I got through with the wall balls in a minute (8-7-4) and then got on the rower for a sub 2 minute row (~650 cal/hour).  The second and third round of wall ball shots was tough (5-5-5-4), but I could maintain form and then rest on the rower (~600 cal/hour).  Then everything went to shit.  With 5 minutes left, I started the fourth round and managed (5-5-5-4), but took longer breaks between sets and my form started to fall apart in terms of keeping my torso upright.  The row pace was slow (~575 cal/hour), but I finished the round with a minute left.  My 3rd wall ball shot was a no rep, but I regrouped and knocked out 8 unbroken after that for a total of 10.  I felt really good about the effort and have no intention of repeating the workout.

The 20# wall-ball is a beast.  I usually train with the 14# wall-ball.  I was pleasantly surprised that I could manage 86 wall-ball shots to a 10 foot target.  I might have to try Karen (150 wbs; 20#; 10' target).

I was wiped out.  I did some downward dog and cobras, foam rolled my back and tried to do the first set of weightlifting unsuccessfully.


Three Sets of: 
Windshield wipers (10-12 Reps)
Rest 60 seconds

Half Kneeling Landmine Press (5 Reps each arm @ 20X1)
Rest 60 seconds

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