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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Deadlift-Jump Rope Metcon

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Crossfit Golden - Coach Lacey/Diedre

12:00 PM

Warm Up

EMOM x 12 min

6 kettlebell rack reactive step up - 8kg

8-10 banded pull through

30 jumping jacks

calf/hamstring stretch


Three rounds for time of:

15 Deadlifts (225/155 lbs)
50 Double-Unders

This Metcon was brutal.  I started with 135# and the first round felt OK.  A good 8/7 and then 150 single unders.  The second round, I stripped to 115# after going 5/3/3 at 135#.  Looking at the clock, I scaled to 100 single unders.  The final round I did at 95# which felt light, but sustainable for the 8/7 split.  I finished again with 100 rope skips

Time 7:10


Three Sets:

Single Leg Romanian Dead Lift (6 reps each leg @ 4011  )
Rest 60 seconds
Barbell Glute Bridge (6 reps @ 20X1  )
Rest 60 seconds
Candlesticks (3 Reps)
(1 rep pike/1 rep staller/ 1 rep pancake)
Rest 60 seconds

I used 8kg KB for the SLRDL; 65# for Glute Bridge

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