Wednesday, February 20, 2019


Wednesday, February 20, 2019

CrossFit Golden - Greg

3:30 PM

Warm Up

Line drills

High Knees/Butt Kicks
Bunny Hop
Inch worm/Jog back
Mountain climber Stretch/Jog back
Kick to opposite hand
Bear Crawl


Figure four - 30s each leg
Couch stretch - 30s each leg
Foam Roll IT Band - 30s each leg


In teams of two, with only one member working at any one time, complete 5 sets each of:

Station 1 – 1000 Meter Row
Station 2 – Rest

Each set should take less than 8 minutes. If any set is exceeding 8 minutes, please adjust the distance of the row and run to keep your total time to completion under 40 minutes.

I paired up with Tim and while he was able to get 1000 meters every time in under 4 minutes, I was not.

I capped myself at:

921 meters

I felt pretty good about pacing overall, but need to get to the point where I can hold a 2:00 min/500 pace instead of a 2:20/500 pace.  The 4 minute rest certainly helped me push a little harder.

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