Thursday, June 25, 2015

CrossFit White

Thursday, June 26, 2015

Coach Zach

(6AM) Matt, Matt, Ben and me

Warm Up

2 Rounds of 10 Samson Stretch with 3 second holds, 10 OH Squat with PVC, 10 GHD Sit Ups, 10 GHD Back Extensions, 1 Rope Climb, Push Up Pyramid.

This was a tough warm up.  Coach Zach clarified the GHD sit ups and back extensions.  Your hamstrings/thighs respectively should be on the pad to maximize hip mobility.  On sit ups you want to progress to touching the floor with your hands before locking your knees to pop back up.

In the interest of time, he told me to skip the last Push Up Pyramid

White (Time)

5 Rounds for time of:  3 Rope Climbs, 15', 10 Toes to Bar, 21 OH Weighted (45#) Walking Lunge Steps, 400m Run

I knew this would be tough going in.  I did not expect the OHW Lunges to be the worst part.

I did much better with the rope climbs this week.  A little bit of that was technique, a lot of that was confidence.

The toes to bar, I struggled with.  I did a couple and then was only getting about half way up.  I switched to leg raises after 6 reps of the first round.  Technique:  Keep your legs as straight as possible, lower your legs and just tap the ground.

Overhead weighted lunges.  I started with the 45# plate for the first 2 rounds.  I started getting wobbly and switched to the 15# plate, which Zach quickly replaced with the 25# plate.  Even with the lighter weight I was struggling with form and breaking the reps down into 4’s and 5’s. 

The 400m run was a bit of a reprieve, but not after the lunges.

I finished the first round in about 8 minutes.  I slowed progressively to finish the workout in 46:22.  Zach was kind enough to let me stay a little late as I was starting my last round at 7:02 AM.  I will have to make a point of stretching my hamstrings today.  The right is already feeling shot.

This was my first Hero workout and it knowing that U.S. Army First Lieutenant Ashley White was killed in action in Afghanistan in 2011 at the age of 24 provided a little extra motivation.

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