Friday, June 19, 2015

CrossFit Atlas Stone

Friday, June 19, 2015

Coach Arik

(6AM) Lisa, Nick and me

Warm Up

500m Row, 20 Bandy Good Mornings (keep back tight), 15 Bandy Side Step (Left and Right), 15 Pass Through, 10 KB Swing (35#), 1 Rope Climb

Technique:  Atlas Stone

Get legs on either side of stone, arms straight, cradle stone, get hips low and deadlift stone.  Step legs together and wrap stone with forearm, engage hips and pop/roll stone onto adjacent shoulder. 


5-7-10-7-5 Repetition Sets for Time:  Stone 2 Shoulder, Rope Climb, Box Jump (30”)

This was a brutal workout from yesterday with only 4 Rx performances among 32 people participating.  After seeing the rope burns and stone bruises on Arik and Nick, I nearly bagged the workout.  I did end up giving it a go with a 5-7-10-7-5 rep count on Stone 2 Shoulder with a small stone (~30#) and 3-4-5-4-3 rep count on the rope climbs and a 3-4-5-4-3 rep count on a 24” box.

The Stone 2 Shoulder was OK, but I would definitely favor my left arm.  Due to limited forearm mobility in my right arm, I cannot cradle the stone at the top of the sequence.  With a heavier stone, this would have been a real issue.

The rope climb was by far the worst part.  On the second round I was already taking 30-45 second breaks between trips up the rope to shake out my arms.  My technique improved significantly and when I could shimmy the rope over my foot correctly, I was making quick progress.  Coming down the rope was horrible, and my inner thigh will be paying a price for a few days.

The box jumps were fine and in retrospect, I probably could have gone 5-7-10-7-5, but I am still conquering some box demons.  If I had opted for a 20” box, I would have done the full rep count, but the 19 rep count was fine for me.  

I ended up finishing in 33:48 which was middle of the pack for the scaled efforts.  Some folks were pushing 40 minutes, which is a long time for the intensity of the exercises.

I also tweaked my back on the middle right hand around the rhomboideus.  I really need to freshen up my anatomy skills.  It is painful and I intend to foam roll it and take it easy.

Friday has been continuing the tradition of Open Gym.  The default workout was Karen (150 Wall Balls 20#/14#).  Nick and Lisa worked on Back Squats.  I like this format as it allows me to get in my favorite workout from Tuesday or Thursday.

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