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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

CrossFit 5K – No Coach

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Coach – No Show

(6AM) Kayla, Lisa, Lanaia, Matt, and me

We ended up doing the 10 Samson Stretches, 10 Air Squats, 10 Sit Ups and 10 Back Extensions.  Then the consensus was to run a 5K.  It took me 35:31 (including a nature break).

Planned workout was:

Warm Up

10 Samson Stretch, 10 OH Squat with PVC, 10 Sit Ups, 10 Back Extensions, 10 Pull Ups, 10 Dips, 5 Muscle Up/Muscle Up Progression


For time:  Buy In – 100 Double Under, 4 Rounds of:  5 Muscle Up, 10 Front Squat (135#/95#), 15 HSPU, 20 Burpee

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