Wednesday, June 17, 2015

CrossFit Clean and Jerk

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Coach Arik

(6AM) Kayla, Lisa, Nick, Matt, Matt, and me

Warm Up

500m Row, 10 Goblet Squat (35#), 10 KB Swing (35#), 10 Press (45#), 10 Tricep Press (Behind neck, 45#), 10 Front Squat (45#)

The triceps press was aggravating my right tricep, but I finished the warm up by breaking it down into two sets.

Technique:  3 Position Clean + Jerk

With hook grip, start in dip position, drive and rotate elbows forward, dropping into the squat position.  For a hang clean, start just above the knees raise bar and drive.  For the low hang clean, start with bar about mid-shin (practically on the floor) with hips back, raise over knees and begin to drive.  I opted for the split jerk since we had done that before.  This is an explosive movement and my right foot needs to be well forward and my left foot needs to be far back.  Jump and land with toes pointed in.  Stick the landing, hold and then lower.

I warmed up with 65#, 75# and 95#

3 Position Clean + Jerk (5 minutes to establish max)

1 – High Hang Clean
1 – Hang Clean
1 – Low Hang Clean
1 – Jerk (Split or Push)

First attempt was at 115# and I failed on the low hang clean and dumped the weight.  Second attempt was at 105#.  Third and final attempt was at 115# and I was successful.  After the warm-up, I considered sticking at 95#, but am glad that I pushed for the other 20#.

3 Position Clean + Jerk Every Minute on the Minute (EMOM) for 10 Minutes at 85% of max

This was brutal.  85% works out to 98# and I opted for 95#.  The first few rounds were OK, but by the fifth round doubt and uncertainty began to creep in.  I lost it on one rep and did not get into a good high hang clean squat on another rep.  Although I was physically wearing down, focusing on technique made the weight more manageable.  Moving into a longer jerk position helped considerably.  Of the minute round about 30 seconds was used on the sequence and 30 seconds was rest.

Upon completion of EMOM, begin 1 Mile Run on the 10 minute mark.

My legs were Jello the first 400 yards of the run.  Everybody took off and I just couldn’t get moving.  At the top of the hill, my breathing became more steady and my legs seemed to get under me.  I feel like I held a pretty good pace for the last 1200, but did not catch anybody.  The last time we had a mile run and it was a buy in which I covered in 8:08.  Losing around a minute/mile or 14% seems reasonable, but I would have liked to finish in under 9 minutes.  I did give it my full effort and maybe had an extra 5 or 10 seconds in the tank.

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