Friday, March 11, 2016

16.3 Power Snatch-MU/C2B

Friday, March 11, 2016

Coach Ben

(11AM) - Around 12 of us including Dan, Val, Steve B

Warm Up

Power Walk to Fence and jog back.  Crossover Symmetry bands for lateral pull backs, pull back pivot up and Y, reverse flys.  Then sequence of kip progression, hollow body progression.  Starting with kips, kips with lats, chest to bar, belly to bar, and finally some bar muscle ups.  Hollow progression was hollow rocks, hollow rock to toe touch, and candlestick to pancake.  Snatch warm up with shrug, high elbows over, all together, muscle snatches and power snatches with PVC then 45# barbell.


Rx was 7 minute AMRAP of 10 Power Snatches (75#) and 3 Bar Muscle Ups
Scaled was 7 minute AMRAP of 10 Power Snatches (45#) and 5 jumping chest to bar

I did the scaled workout with Steve B judging.
Round 1:  0:44
Round 2:  1:46
Round 3:  2:52
Round 4:  4:09
Round 5:  5:20
Round 6:  6:32
6 reps of Round 7 completed

I got winded much faster than I expected and my forearms were really taxed.  This was a great workout.  I could get a better score by doing the 10 snatches Rx and then not getting any muscle ups, but that is really not the intent of the workout.  Dan got his first 4 bar muscle ups today!

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