Monday, July 31, 2023

MiniGGC Strict Curl

With the MiniGGC featuring strict curl in week 2, I decided to go ahead and give it a whirl.  I was successful at 75#, but failed 77.5#.  Not much of a warm-up aside from building up to the starting weight.

Saturday, July 29, 2023

AFA Push/Pull/Squat

I was looking forward to a "powerlifting" contest which ended up being much more of a friendly throw down.  There was a judge and a spotter, but the rules/commands were basically put together on the fly (no pause at chest, bounce at chest, butt in the air; depth was ok for everybody; nobody was hitching).  I tried to adhere to USAPL standards for my lifts.

Of the 8 people who were interested only 3 of us showed up.  Levi who typically runs these events, was not available so Gabe was the judge/spotter and another staff member was spotting as well.  We all chipped in to help load.

The order was Squat, Bench, Deadlift and only allowed for increasing weight attempts, but rather than an increasing bar, we each did our 1st attempts, then 2nds, then 3rds.  Not a big deal until you realize what a pain in the ass it is to go from 140 kilos to 225 kilos on a deadlift without a deadlift jack.  The other lifters included Diego (23 years old) and a beast and Gabby (31 years old) and very strong.  Both lift in commercial gym environments were calling there lifts in pounds and then the conversion and then deciding on how to load it was pretty entertaining.  I was putting up slightly better numbers than Gabby, but Diego was on a whole different level.

I got there way too early at 8:10 AM. I expected weigh ins at 8:30 and then lifts to start at 9:00.  Instead we got weighed in around 9:00 and starting lifting at 9:15.  It was very casual and aside from the kilo/pound/loading nonsense everything ran pretty smooth.  I did not get a chance to snack/hydrate much as I was expecting to have 30 minutes between weigh in and starts.

I weighed in at 192.4 lb (87.5 kg)

Squat - 90, 100, 110 kg (3 for 3)
Bench - 70, 75, 77.5 kg (2 for 3)
Deadlift - 140, 150, 155 kg (3 for 3) and a PR!
Total - 340 kg

They did not calculate Wilks scores, nor do I recall exactly what Gabby and Diego put up.  Gabby was around 100/60/120 for SBD.  Diego was around 180/110/225 for SBD.

As I keep my records in pounds, this translates to 242/165/341/748 pounds.  Well ahead of my GGC effort in May of 235/170/325 at 197 pounds bodyweight.

I was thrilled to go 8 for 9 with some solid numbers in Squat and I was thrilled to set a deadlift PR at 52 year of age beating my previous best of 325# pounds.  Even the squat was an annual best.  I had put up 235# this year and lifetime best was 264# (120kg).  Bench certainly needs work.  I had recently been able to put up 195# and lifetime best is 205#.

Also, all of the participants got a free sweatshirt and beanie for participating.

Friday, July 28, 2023

Powerlifting Equipment Check

Thursday, July 28, 2023

Home Gym


Warm Up

Hip Hammy Flow
Crossover Symmetry
Reverse Hyper

Powerlifting - Build to 80% numbers for Squat, Bench, Deadlift


1x185 - felt good, open at 185


1x155 - felt heavy, open at 145 or 150


1x265 - felt good, open at 265 or 275

Overall workout was 45 minutes.  Equipment is all packed and ready to go along with some snacks (2 Propel, Clif Bar and Granola Bar)

Monday, July 24, 2023

Mini GGC - Olympic Lifting

Monday, July 24, 2023

AFA Fitness Center


Warm Up

Hip Hammy Flow
Reverse Hyper
Front Rack openers
Abbreviated Burgener warm up


50kg fail

Clean & Jerk



Hang Clean
Front Squat

I did the complex 5x with 40kg

Treadmill Walk - 10 min

Sit-ups - 25-15-10

Push-ups - 5-5-5

Programming was motivated by MiniGGC summer competition week 1.  I was anxious to see what kind of Olympic Weightlifting total I could manage and was pleased with 105 kg.  Total workout 70 minutes.

Sunday, July 23, 2023


One of Dave's parting shots, aside from improving my diet, was a commitment to participate in a Hyrox.  It is the self proclaimed World Series of Fitness Racing and makes a reasonable case.  

Participants run 1K and then tackle a station and repeat for all 8 stations.
Station 1 - 1000 m ski erg
Station 2 - 50 m sled push (152 kg)
Station 3 - 50 m sled pull (103 kg)
Station 4 - 80 m burpee broad jumps
Station 5 - 1000 m rowing
Station 6 - 200 m farmers carry (2x24 kg)
Station 7 - 100 m sandbag lunges (20 kg)
Station 8 - 100 wall balls (6 kg)

Listed weights and reps are for the men's open division.  The trick of course is to do it fast and qualify for the national and world championships.  For mere mortals, it is a good opportunity to benchmark against a community and have some fun.

The station I would need the most training for is sandbag lunges.  I need to improve my lunge game in general.

The Answer

Joe from The Answer was at a dinner I attended recently and it was the exact same design I remember at CrossFit Golden.  A new fitness bench to maximize mobility and overall health.

Tough Mudder 5K

The Tough Mudder came and went and it was much more fun than I thought it would be.  Dave organized a group of 9 of us that included his high school friends in Pennsylvania and a group of folks from Purdue.  

The high school crew included Pete (and his son Krischan) and Chris (and his daughter).  The Purdue contingency included myself, Pat, Doug, Todd (and his wife Heidi and son Zane).  Pat and Doug were the much needed support crew.  The rest of us did obstacles.

The event really stresses camaraderie, teamwork and looking out for your fellows.  It draws contrasts to society which has become increasingly independent and neglectful of our fellows.  After thanking first responders and the military, the national anthem was played and we headed out.

We started with some creek crossings and then the obstacles:

  1. Pitfall - Was basically a waist deep mud walk with some deep holes that were invisible until you stepped in and had to regain your balance.
  2. Berlin Walls - Was an 8' high wall that some folks could clear on their own, but others like myself needed a boost and a little pull
  3. Lumberjacked - Was an easy roll over a 4' high log
  4. Trench Warfare - Was fine because it was not full of water, but basically a cargo net over a shallow trench
  5. Skidmarked - Was kind of tricky to get over, but they did have hand holds and with a boost everybody could manage.
  6. Widow's Peak - Was a fun balancing act.
  7. Arctic Enema - Was around 45-50 degrees and much more comfortable than the advertised 34 degrees
  8. Mud Mile - This is when things got real and teamwork was required.  It was a series of 6 foot mud humps about 4 feet apart and 3 feet wide, filled with thigh high water.  To get over, a person needed a boost and then would be pulled up from the top.  3 people had to help get one person over.  Everybody kind of just payed it forward and back by boosting a few people up, getting pulled up and then pulling people up.
  9. Pyramid Scheme - This was even more challenging with a slick slanting wall about 15-20 feet long and 12-15 feet off the ground.  To get over a people pyramid would be built with 2-3 folks at the bottom, 1-2 folks in the middle and then reaching for the people on top who would pull you over.  The same teamwork and camaraderie applied, but this was certainly more strenuous.
  10. Block Ness Monster - Was teamwork, but much easier, pushing or pulling the block while a person held on.
  11. Mudderhorn - This was a fear factor, but did require teamwork, similar to Mud Mile to get started.
  12. Electroshock Therapy - Was the final one, some people got shocked (I did not), but nobody really panicked.
People did truly support and cheer for each others.  Groups of friends came in all shapes and sizes and it was fun to do an untimed event for fun.

Overall it was a lot of fun and I would welcome the opportunity to go again, but would not seek out a group or put one together.

Logistically, I was well outfitted in old joggers, low top socks, swim shorts, wicking t-shirt and gloves.  I should have worn sunscreen.

I could have made better use of the bag drop with extra clothes and flip flops, snacks and first aid.  My kit just had cell phone, keys, ID, credit card, extra shorts, sunglasses that I had removed and a snack.  A small towel was a nice to have and a large towel for a deck change.  I did not need athletic tape.  A zipped bag would have been perfect for the bag drop.  Arriving early was important as it was a 15 minute walk to the start line.  There were plenty of port-o-lets.  Also plenty of food stands and a huge Tough Mudder merchandise tent.

I would estimate there were between 1000 and 1500 cars in the parking lot and around 2500 people there on Saturday between 5K, 15K and Infinity Runners.

Friday, July 21, 2023

40# York Buns

Nick Winterhalder posted this screaming deal on Facebook Marketplace.  A pair of 40# buns in good shape for $50.  The only problem is that he lives in Windsor, Colorado which is about a 2 hour drive.  As much as I would love to pick these up, hard to justify a 4 hour round trip, especially with everything else I have going on this weekend.  

I saw the post within 29 minutes of listing on Friday, July 21st (Posted around 3:15 PM).

Tough Mudder Course - Byers 2023

Course Map is available!

I am doing the 5K course which includes:
  1. Pitfall - The only place you'll find hole-y water on the course
  2. Creek Crusade - River crossing?
  3. Berlin Walls - Discontent with the 80's hogging all the fun, we created these behemoth 8' walls as an ode to freedom
  4. Lumberjacked - Give your sore legs a break and beat up your sternum as you vault over these insidious hurdles
  5. Trench Warfare - Dark, confined spaces are back in full force.  This 50' long crawl will bring out the claustrophobia in any Mudder.  Don't trip on the grenade inside and everything will be just fine.
  6. Skidmarked - These 8' walls have a bit of a hangover - and now it's your problem to deal with
  7. Widow's Peak - You'll be wishing you had four extra limbs when you face this web of tightropes suspended over a water pit.  Grab on wherever you can and hold on tight as the movement of your fellow Mudders cause you to shake rattle and roll.
  8. Arctic Enema - Take a dunk in this 34 degree ice pit.
  9. Mud Mile - A puddle of mud is an inconvenience. A series of 10' deep, rolling mud mountains is a privilege
  10. Pyramid Scheme - Try being both a top and a bottom as you harness the power of human engineering to climb over this slick 15' wall
  11. Block Ness Monster - Flip your friends off - and have them thank you for it.  Rotating a set of 500lb blocks takes a village
  12. Mudderhorn - Forty feet up, forty feet down, with nothing but a net
  13. Electroshock Therapy - All the muscles in the world won't soften the blow of 10,000 volts
Not sure what I am excited or not excited for, but they all seem reasonable with the exception of Arctic Enema and Electroshock Therapy.  I will ply those by ear.  Pitfall starts off dirty and then things are normal obstacles until Trench Warfare (fear based).  After that some more normal obstacles before Arctic Enema (I know the shock of 58 degree water and have no desire to try 34 degree water).  Mud mile will be mess and then some team based obstacles with Pyramid Scheme and Block Ness Monster.  My final obstacle will probably be Mudderhorn as I will likely skip Electroshock Therapy (10,000 volts is fine for the 20 year old kids, but my heart does not need that pain/shock).

My callus tear should be a non issue as the grip obstacles are on the 10K and 15K course.

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Obstacle Course

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Scioto Audubon Park


Obstacle Course

I did three abbreviated laps on the obstacle course.  I skipped the crawls and only did the over of over/under.  I only made one pass at the Monkey Bars (ripping a huge callus off my right hand at my ring finger; I even took the step of taping it over prior to the obstacle course to give it a little more protection).  

Total Distance:  1.11 miles
Moving Time:  14:26

I think my hand will heel OK.  Worst case scenario, I wear gloves for the Tough Mudder.  It should be fine for Push/Pull/Squat and if I take care of it should not affect my throwing on August 6th.

I brought my harness for the climbing wall, but all of the stations were taken.  I thought about sticking around and bouldering, but really wanted to get my bloody mess of a hand cleaned up.  Getting back to the room, I rinsed it off well and put some antibiotic ointment and a Band-Aid.  It did not look too bad and should heal up well.

Monday, July 17, 2023

Adventures in Columbus, Ohio

Having an afternoon off in Columbus may not seem that exciting, but I was beyond excited to tour a tiny slice of a strength training Mecca.  While Columbus, OH may not rival Sorinex in Lexington, SC or York Barbell in in York, PA or the Stark Center in Austin, TX, for me it was right up there.

I started with a Lime Scooter ride to the Rogue Retail Store.  I was basically a kid in a candy store.  I was gawking at the demo area and played with the replica Dinnie Stones (large stone 414 and small stone 318 pounds), Slater Strongman Log (3 reps with empty log), Concept 2 Bike Erg (1 minute), Torque Tank (length of field) and Yoke (down and back).  All great equipment.  Then I took pictures with the replica Cyr Dumbbell and the Rigoulot Barbell.  Finally I dropped some money on kit including shorts, t-shirt, wrist wraps and silly soft tape (none of which I needed, but how could I not).

Next, I scootered my way over to the Arnold Statue at the Convention Center and took a few pictures.

Finally, I went over to Scioto Park and did a lap on the obstacle course, checked out the climbing wall and finally took a picture from the water tower.

Obstacle 1 - Tire Flip/Tire Run - no problem, fun
Obstacle 2 - Tunnel Crawl - not as much fun, but could crawl on knees
Obstacle 3 - Cargo Climb - lots of fine, I did this one twice
Obstacle 4 - Balance Beam - the only one I skipped
Obstacle 5 - Belly Crawl - kind of dirty, but I still went through 75% of it
Obstacle 6 - Monkey Bars - tough, but I made it
Obstacle 7 - Over/Under - this was cool
Obstacle 8 - Wall Climb - I started with the 4 foot and then did the 6 foot wall.  Very fun
Obstacle 9 - Log Run - not a run, but certainly a fun challenge

My obstacle adventure was just over a half mile, took me 6:37 and left me pretty gassed.  I intend to go back and do multiple laps.  Preferably earlier in the day.  I will skip the crawls and balance beam, but try to do everything else.

Getting around by Lime is not cheap, but it was pretty convenient and fun!

Friday, July 14, 2023

RMRR Stonehouse - 2 mile

Ratna, Nisha and I went out for the Stonehouse 2 mile run on July 9th and had a lot of fun.

We also finished well.

Sanjiv - 20:38
Nisha - 22:46
Ratna - 25:17

As it was the first event for Nisha and Ratna, they did not have a benchmark for the Trophy Series.  I was 2:20 ahead of my predicted time based on the race in March.

Powerlifting Packing List

Knee Sleeves
Elbow Sleeves
Oly Shoes

Wrist Wraps

Deadlift Shoes
Deadlift Socks
Elbow Sleeves
Thumb Tape


Official Competition

USAWA Records Review - May 30, 2023

USAWA maintains records list by age and weight class across over 200 lifts.  It is no small undertaking.  Several members have set records in multiple age and weight classes which is a testament to their longevity and dedication.

495 unique male record holders
31 of them are in the Century Club
59 have 50 or more records

147 unique female record holders
5 of them are in the Century Club
13 have 50 or more records

Right now the highest age group is 90-94 with one female and two male record holders.

The USAWA is stronger than ever with 819 records set in 2022 (behind only 2012 with 932 records)

48 lifters set records in 2022.
88 lifters set records in 2012

As far as longevity, multiple members have set records year after year.  With Denny having set a record every year for the past 35 years.  RJ was the quickest to the Century club accomplishing the feat within 2 years.

Thursday, July 13, 2023

USAWA Colorado Records Day

Thursday, July 13, 2023

VASA Fitness - Colorado Springs


Warm Up

Hip Hammy flow
Wrist Mobility
Barbell Warm Up

Platform Lifts

Holdout Lowered - 45#
Clean & Push Press - 135, 145#
Continental Clean & Jerk - 135, 146#
Deadlift, No Thumbs - 255, 265, 275#
Deadlift, Ciavattone - 285, 295, 305#
Vertical Bar 2" One Arm - 97, 117, 132#

Bench Lifts

Bench Press, Hands Together, - 106, 116, 126#
Bench Press, One Arm (Left) - 45, 56# (failed 66#)

Floor Lifts

One Arm Swing - 70, (failed 75), 75#
Curl Strict Reverse Grip - 60, 70#
Curl Cheat Reverse Grip - 95, (failed 115), 115#

Final Results

Q3 Postal
Holdout, Lowered - 45# - Established Record
Ciavattone Deadlift - 305#
Clean & Push Press - 145#
Total - 495#

IAWA Postal
1H Swing - 75# - short of 78# record
Continental Clean & Jerk - 146# - Broke 135# record
1 Hand Vertical Bar (Left Hand) - 132#
2 Hand Ciavattone Deadlift - 305#
Total - 658#

Records Day
Bench Press Hands Together - 126#
Bench Press, One Arm (Left) - 56#
Deadlift, No thumbs, Overhand Grip - 275# - Matches record set at National Championship
Curl Strict, Reverse Grip - 70#
Curl Cheat, Reverse Grip - 115#

Judged by RJ Jackson

It was a pleasure working with RJ.  She is very knowledgeable of USAWA lifting, rules and techniques and gave me some insights for the future.  With swing, drive up with legs.  With cheat curl, knees must be straight, but heels can rise.  Take advantage of this.

Total Session was 2 hours.

For future USAWA competition, I need to remember to bring my weight belt, rule book and records list.  My original plan was to complete Q3 Postal, IAWA World Postal and only 2 record lifts.  I ended up having enough time to do a full slate of 5 record lifts.

USAWA check list:
Shoes - Trainers, Deadlift, Olympic
Wrist Wraps
Mouth Guard
Rule Book
Records List
Knee Wraps - for Front Squat or Squat 12" Base Only
Bandaid for cuts only
Gym Towel
Chalk (dry)
Special Equipment

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Burpees - OHS

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

AFA Fitness Center


Warm Up

Hip Hammy Flow
Reverse Hyper
2 pull-ups
Crossover Symmetry (partial)
Ski Erg - 50 Cal


5 burpees

This was tougher than I had planned.  I was finishing in 35 seconds and had 25 seconds rest.



These felt lousy.  Not sure if it is shoulder or hip mobility.  But glad to get some overhead squats in.

40 minute total workout

Rogue Storage System

I have a ROGUE dumbbell rack for sale. Super heavy duty.
I have 2 pairs of legs, two long ones and two shorter ones. The shorter ones hold two shelves (as shown in the picture) but with the longer legs you can mount the third shelf as well.
I am selling all three shelves with both pairs of legs for $500 OBO.
(The dumbbells are not included, but the 90s, 95s and 100s are also available for purchase if interested)
Text me with any questions.
Thanks for looking!

The 3 tier shelf retails for $900 and would be over $1300 with shipping and taxes.  The second pair of legs is a bonus, but I am not sure what I would do with them.  I have been interested in rigging up something similar to this for plate display, but $500 seems steep, even if it is a great deal.

Being offered on Craigslist 7/12/2023.

Monday, July 10, 2023

Rogue 43" Storage Rack

furniture - by owner

Rogue Dumbell and Kettlebell Storage - $100 (Bonnie Brae)

Rogue 3 Tier Bookshelf Unit 43" Section with two dumbbell trays and one kettlebell tray. Brand new, just didn't fit our space. Currently disassembled, but easy to assemble. And all nuts and bolts included.

Seriously, another storage shelf?  Unfortunately, the answer is yes as Kat listed this for $100 in Denver and I was able to contact her within 30 minutes.  If this is really as described, it is a $700 storage system and taxes and shipping would push the cost to $920 to my door from Rogue.

If it works out, my plan will be to replace my Titan Fitness storage solution.  I should be able to sell it for a couple of hundred dollars and this purchase will be a wash and a nice upgrade.

The ad included stock photos from Rogue and mentioned that the storage solution is unassembled, but complete and ready for pick up.

Upon arriving it was as advertised and in pristine condition.  The owner mentioned that he had taken two bolts for his replacement storage unit, but that they could be easily replaced.  I certainly agree.  With the kettlebell tray that I did not even notice in the original ad, the retail price is $755.  Shipping and Tax take that number to $975.  This is truly an excellent deal at 10 cents on the dollar.  I really feel like I could sell it quickly for $400 and slowly at $500.

Very nice family who had recently purchased a $3.5M dollar home with a 4 year old daughter and a baby on the way.

Sunday, July 9, 2023

Strongman Log

Despite not having any strongman events coming up, I could not pass up the chance to purchase a Harambe Strength 12" Strongman Log.  

Harambe Strength Co was a short lived company that made logs, axle bars, stones, circus dumbbells among other misc strongman equipment.  The last post was dated September 26, 2021 indicating that they had relocated and that Austin Trotter had taken over production.

I intend to continue training strongman, but am hesitant to have a bunch of bulky equipment.  But a circus dumbbell and log still seemed like a good idea.  Josh Miles (from Durango) listed the log on Facebook Marketplace in Grand Junction and Craigslist in Denver.  He listed it for $150 and $175 respectively. 

Although we could not meet live, I did pick it up from his friend, Mike Springer.  Mike is building a home gym, but often buys everything at a deal and then flips what he doesn't need.  With a two car garage that is full of stuff and overflowing into the backyard, he seems good with his system.

The log was as advertised at 12 inches and ballpark of 80 pounds empty.  I will weigh it at some point.  It the right weight for me to clean and press it overhead cold and all of the welds were in good shape.  There was also some branding left on the log, which looked cool to me as well.

It was much better for me to get this, rather than the PowerLift which weight 130 empty for $250.  Most logs of this weight are 8" or 10" and I would rather train with a "full size" log.

Friday, July 7, 2023

High Country Vigour

High Country Vigour, LLC has been established in Colorado.

Mission Statement:

To promote health and vitality through strength, endurance and adventure sports for all persons.

I have been training under the Team Gupta Strength & Conditioning moniker for several years, but wanted to establish something that would be more inclusive and alluring to the general public.  I liked the thought of praising Lord Hanuman with my efforts at fitness and will still put up a picture in any training facility I have in the future.  However, I did not want to ensure a separation of fitness and religion.

Vigour is defined as "exuberant and resilient strength of body or mind" by  I believe vigour is best achieved through strength, endurance and adventure sports.  I have participated in strength sports including Powerlifting, Strongman, Bodybuilding and CrossFit.  I have plans to participate in my first Highland Games this year.  I have enjoyed endurance sports from Cross Country running, Track & Field, Bicycling, Swimming and Triathlon.  I have enjoyed Adventure Sports including rock climbing, mountain biking, scuba diving and canyoneering.  Sports such as tennis, golf, basketball, baseball, softball and others promote vitality through camaraderie, shared suffering and shared goals.  Whether training alone or with a group, a shared sense of purpose is a guiding principle to stave off physical deterioration and subclinical depression.

While this mission is aligned with my personal philosophy, the impetus for forming an organization was to establish a brand for All-Round Weightlifting in Colorado.  I looked at the the names including Habecker's Gym, Clark's Championship Gym, KCSTRONGMAN and others, but wanted to strive for inclusion rather than legacy.  I would ideally draw participants from across the state, Wyoming and New Mexico.

We will strive to take best practices from historic and modern organizations and disciplines including showmen, athletic associations and militaries.  

We will implement those best practices through hosting competitions, training and educational events in order to build a community.

Inclusion is important and will always be guaranteed by effort, ethics and merit.  Participation will not be barred for any class of persons.

Thursday, July 6, 2023

Deadlift - Cardio

Thursday, July 6, 2023

AFA Fitness Center


Warm Up

Hip Hammy Flow
Reverse Hyper - 30 kg
GHD - Hip Extension 3x10


5x100 kg


3 min - level 3
1 min - level 5
1 min - level 7
3 min - level 3

This was a fun little machine that mixes up cardiovascular training and grip training and exercises the lats in a unique way.  I would never own one due to the $5,000 cost.

Woodway Curve Trainer

8 min walk

About an hour total workout

USAWA Heavy Bar Lifts

Heavy Bar - Custom Fabricated

Hip Lift Belt - Use Spud Inc Belt Squat Belt $99.99?

Neck Harness - Spud Inc $52.99

Hand Bar - 1" diameter x maximum 28 inches long with center chain

1/4" chain is ~ $5/foot and can support 1300 pounds

I would need shackles and slip hooks as well.x

It seems like a lot of USAWA equipment was custom fabricated with reinforced leather, heavy duty rivets and large diameter rings.

Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Back Squat - Mini Metcon

Wednesday, July 5, 2023

AFA Fitness Center


Warm Up

Hip Hammy Flow

Back Squat


Mini Metcon

5 rounds of
1 pull-up
10 cal ski erg

Total workout 30 minutes

Open Water Swim - Bench Press - Accessory

Monday, July 3, 2023

Bear Creek Lake Park



750 meter Open Water Swim.  (3) laps with 1-2 minute rest between efforts.  Wore wetsuit, cap and goggles and was warm enough.


Basement Gym


Bench Press


Mutt Bar Curls




30 minutes total workout

Saturday, July 1, 2023


Saturday, July 1, 2023


Warm Up

Reverse Hyper
Crossover Symmetry
Hip Hammy


Scales - 20 seconds, 4 positions
L-sit - 4 x tuck sit ~ 5 seconds each time
Inversions - kick up and hold; kick up and lower to 3 abmat; 3 abmat HSPU; wall walk about half way
Plank - 90 seconds


Station 1 - 1 Pull-up
Station 2 - 2 Stone to Shoulder (70#)
Station 3 - 10 abmat sit-ups
Station 4 - 5 push-ups

50 minutes total workout