Sunday, July 9, 2023

Strongman Log

Despite not having any strongman events coming up, I could not pass up the chance to purchase a Harambe Strength 12" Strongman Log.  

Harambe Strength Co was a short lived company that made logs, axle bars, stones, circus dumbbells among other misc strongman equipment.  The last post was dated September 26, 2021 indicating that they had relocated and that Austin Trotter had taken over production.

I intend to continue training strongman, but am hesitant to have a bunch of bulky equipment.  But a circus dumbbell and log still seemed like a good idea.  Josh Miles (from Durango) listed the log on Facebook Marketplace in Grand Junction and Craigslist in Denver.  He listed it for $150 and $175 respectively. 

Although we could not meet live, I did pick it up from his friend, Mike Springer.  Mike is building a home gym, but often buys everything at a deal and then flips what he doesn't need.  With a two car garage that is full of stuff and overflowing into the backyard, he seems good with his system.

The log was as advertised at 12 inches and ballpark of 80 pounds empty.  I will weigh it at some point.  It the right weight for me to clean and press it overhead cold and all of the welds were in good shape.  There was also some branding left on the log, which looked cool to me as well.

It was much better for me to get this, rather than the PowerLift which weight 130 empty for $250.  Most logs of this weight are 8" or 10" and I would rather train with a "full size" log.

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