Sunday, July 23, 2023


One of Dave's parting shots, aside from improving my diet, was a commitment to participate in a Hyrox.  It is the self proclaimed World Series of Fitness Racing and makes a reasonable case.  

Participants run 1K and then tackle a station and repeat for all 8 stations.
Station 1 - 1000 m ski erg
Station 2 - 50 m sled push (152 kg)
Station 3 - 50 m sled pull (103 kg)
Station 4 - 80 m burpee broad jumps
Station 5 - 1000 m rowing
Station 6 - 200 m farmers carry (2x24 kg)
Station 7 - 100 m sandbag lunges (20 kg)
Station 8 - 100 wall balls (6 kg)

Listed weights and reps are for the men's open division.  The trick of course is to do it fast and qualify for the national and world championships.  For mere mortals, it is a good opportunity to benchmark against a community and have some fun.

The station I would need the most training for is sandbag lunges.  I need to improve my lunge game in general.

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