Monday, July 17, 2023

Adventures in Columbus, Ohio

Having an afternoon off in Columbus may not seem that exciting, but I was beyond excited to tour a tiny slice of a strength training Mecca.  While Columbus, OH may not rival Sorinex in Lexington, SC or York Barbell in in York, PA or the Stark Center in Austin, TX, for me it was right up there.

I started with a Lime Scooter ride to the Rogue Retail Store.  I was basically a kid in a candy store.  I was gawking at the demo area and played with the replica Dinnie Stones (large stone 414 and small stone 318 pounds), Slater Strongman Log (3 reps with empty log), Concept 2 Bike Erg (1 minute), Torque Tank (length of field) and Yoke (down and back).  All great equipment.  Then I took pictures with the replica Cyr Dumbbell and the Rigoulot Barbell.  Finally I dropped some money on kit including shorts, t-shirt, wrist wraps and silly soft tape (none of which I needed, but how could I not).

Next, I scootered my way over to the Arnold Statue at the Convention Center and took a few pictures.

Finally, I went over to Scioto Park and did a lap on the obstacle course, checked out the climbing wall and finally took a picture from the water tower.

Obstacle 1 - Tire Flip/Tire Run - no problem, fun
Obstacle 2 - Tunnel Crawl - not as much fun, but could crawl on knees
Obstacle 3 - Cargo Climb - lots of fine, I did this one twice
Obstacle 4 - Balance Beam - the only one I skipped
Obstacle 5 - Belly Crawl - kind of dirty, but I still went through 75% of it
Obstacle 6 - Monkey Bars - tough, but I made it
Obstacle 7 - Over/Under - this was cool
Obstacle 8 - Wall Climb - I started with the 4 foot and then did the 6 foot wall.  Very fun
Obstacle 9 - Log Run - not a run, but certainly a fun challenge

My obstacle adventure was just over a half mile, took me 6:37 and left me pretty gassed.  I intend to go back and do multiple laps.  Preferably earlier in the day.  I will skip the crawls and balance beam, but try to do everything else.

Getting around by Lime is not cheap, but it was pretty convenient and fun!

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