Monday, July 10, 2023

Rogue 43" Storage Rack

furniture - by owner

Rogue Dumbell and Kettlebell Storage - $100 (Bonnie Brae)

Rogue 3 Tier Bookshelf Unit 43" Section with two dumbbell trays and one kettlebell tray. Brand new, just didn't fit our space. Currently disassembled, but easy to assemble. And all nuts and bolts included.

Seriously, another storage shelf?  Unfortunately, the answer is yes as Kat listed this for $100 in Denver and I was able to contact her within 30 minutes.  If this is really as described, it is a $700 storage system and taxes and shipping would push the cost to $920 to my door from Rogue.

If it works out, my plan will be to replace my Titan Fitness storage solution.  I should be able to sell it for a couple of hundred dollars and this purchase will be a wash and a nice upgrade.

The ad included stock photos from Rogue and mentioned that the storage solution is unassembled, but complete and ready for pick up.

Upon arriving it was as advertised and in pristine condition.  The owner mentioned that he had taken two bolts for his replacement storage unit, but that they could be easily replaced.  I certainly agree.  With the kettlebell tray that I did not even notice in the original ad, the retail price is $755.  Shipping and Tax take that number to $975.  This is truly an excellent deal at 10 cents on the dollar.  I really feel like I could sell it quickly for $400 and slowly at $500.

Very nice family who had recently purchased a $3.5M dollar home with a 4 year old daughter and a baby on the way.

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