Friday, July 7, 2023

High Country Vigour

High Country Vigour, LLC has been established in Colorado.

Mission Statement:

To promote health and vitality through strength, endurance and adventure sports for all persons.

I have been training under the Team Gupta Strength & Conditioning moniker for several years, but wanted to establish something that would be more inclusive and alluring to the general public.  I liked the thought of praising Lord Hanuman with my efforts at fitness and will still put up a picture in any training facility I have in the future.  However, I did not want to ensure a separation of fitness and religion.

Vigour is defined as "exuberant and resilient strength of body or mind" by  I believe vigour is best achieved through strength, endurance and adventure sports.  I have participated in strength sports including Powerlifting, Strongman, Bodybuilding and CrossFit.  I have plans to participate in my first Highland Games this year.  I have enjoyed endurance sports from Cross Country running, Track & Field, Bicycling, Swimming and Triathlon.  I have enjoyed Adventure Sports including rock climbing, mountain biking, scuba diving and canyoneering.  Sports such as tennis, golf, basketball, baseball, softball and others promote vitality through camaraderie, shared suffering and shared goals.  Whether training alone or with a group, a shared sense of purpose is a guiding principle to stave off physical deterioration and subclinical depression.

While this mission is aligned with my personal philosophy, the impetus for forming an organization was to establish a brand for All-Round Weightlifting in Colorado.  I looked at the the names including Habecker's Gym, Clark's Championship Gym, KCSTRONGMAN and others, but wanted to strive for inclusion rather than legacy.  I would ideally draw participants from across the state, Wyoming and New Mexico.

We will strive to take best practices from historic and modern organizations and disciplines including showmen, athletic associations and militaries.  

We will implement those best practices through hosting competitions, training and educational events in order to build a community.

Inclusion is important and will always be guaranteed by effort, ethics and merit.  Participation will not be barred for any class of persons.

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