Wednesday, February 23, 2022

2022 Crossfit Open

The first Open workout of 2022 will be announced today.

2/23/2021 - 189.8#
2/23/2022 - 193.9#

I am a little heavier this year.  I am not any further along on my limiters:

95# thruster
115# OHS
Walking Lunges

I have not worked on thrusters or overhead squats.  I have worked on C2B, T2B and Walking Lunges.  I can do singles.  Any weight on a walking lunge really lights me up.

In terms of Open staples, my double unders are meh.  I do not have a muscle up.  I did work a little on wall walks, but am far from proficient.

50# DB
Bumper Plates
24" Plyo Box
Wall Space
Pull-up Bar
Jump Rope

There is a lot that can be done with those implements across three workouts.  I expect thrusters, double unders and C2B.  The DB would allow OH walking lunges and alt DB snatch.  I would expect muscle ups.  I would expect wall walks (who has worked on them this year).

All told, I will Rx when I can and scale when I must.  I intend to have fun and benchmark.  I will rest to avoid any potential niggles prior to the workout.  I will make judicious use of personal protective equipment including wrist wraps, knee sleeves, elbow sleeves and the right shoes.

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