Monday, February 7, 2022

Dumbbell Rack


I am on the hunt for a dumbbell rack.  At one point, I only had a 27.5 and 50# pair.  Then I got a 35# pair and got an angled shelf for my Titan Mass Storage System.

Now I have

(3) misc weights - Ratna's
7# - York
10# - CAP Cast Hex
15# - Sports Authority Neoprene coated
20# - York
25# single - York
27.5# - Rep Fitness Rubber Hex
30# - Rep Fitness Rubber Coated
35# - Unbranded Urethane Coated
40# - Unbranded Pro Style
45# - Unbranded Pro Style
50# single - York

(23) dumbbells or 11.5 pairs.  My ultimate goal is storage for 10 pairs (5-50; York, Hex or Pro-Style).  Everything else needs to be on the floor or in less convenient storage.  

My one shelf currently houses (3) misc, 10# cap pair, 30# Rep Pair and 35# Rep Pair.
The floor has the 7# York, 15# SA, 20# York, 25#S York, 27.5# Rep and 50#S York in one row
The floor has the 40# and 45# Pro Style in front of those.

The Raptor solution holds up to 40 dumbbells (20 pairs).  More than I need, but room to grow.  Fortunately, I do not intend to grow my dumbbell collection much.

Legend offers a variety of solutions from 6-15 pair pro style and multi-tier hex head solutions.

Akyen has a version on Amazon for $160. The storage tiers are 32 inches wide and the 3 tier depth is 24".  Somebody is selling one in Englewood for $80.  I will have to do some measuring and figure this out more carefully.

TKO - $475 Facebook Marketplace

Tuff Stuff - $600 Facebook Marketplace

Hoist - $350 Craigslist

Tuff Stuff - $300 Craigslist

Ideally my storage solution would be 4 foot wide 3 tier solution that should hold 3-4 pairs per level.

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